This is my second Preliminary task in which we are learning to use a variety of different camera techniques and angles, (such as the use of framing, holding the camera steadily) to tell a certain story.

My three Strengths

  1. I think that the use of my editing was very good throughout the video. I think this because the use of variety of shots worked well in meaning that it didn’t become too boring. The use the editing meant that I used a wide variety of continuity editing shots, such as eye line match. I believe that my use of eye line match was good in showing the tension that was present within the clip.
  2. Another strength of mine I believe is the use of a variety of different shots. Some of these include thins such as close ups, mid shots, and long shots. I believe this is good because it shows a good variety throughout the video. It is also a key was of enabling me to prove my understanding of the variety of different shots.
  3. I believe another one of my strengths would have been the use of the sound effects within the video, such as the horn, the use of the radio, and the use of the wind in the background. I think this is good as it gives a good sense of surrounding and a good sense of place. It also further improves the effect included within the video.

My three Weaknesses 

  1. I think that one of my weaknesses within this video would come from the reflection off of the windows on the car. This is because you can see myself and the camera in the background of the video.
  2. I think that another one of my weakness could have been the fact that I broke the 180 degree rule. This means that I filmed my actors from two different sides. This might confuse the audience when watching and might make it seem quite clunky.
  3. I think one of my final weaknesses could be the way I directed my actors in the manner of making specific facial expressions to show certain emotions. I think I could be better in the way I explain the emotions I need them to portray throughout their facial expressions.

Editing and Summary 

One thing that I have learnt when doing this Preliminary Task is that the use of close ups are very keen in portraying a story and communicating a meaning. As well as this I have learnt that in order to get the sound affects to effectively match my clip I might have to cut up parts of the clip in order to do so. One thing that I learnt when doing this Preliminary Task was that continuity editing might need a specific type of framing in order to portray the image successfully. Another key thing I learnt when doing this video is that the use of the transition (straight cut) is very important in making sure that the video flows successfully, and doesn’t look too clunky.