The task we had to complete meant that I watched and researched 5 professional music videos. In doing this we had to find the name of the song and the band, the length of the song, the narrative to performance ratio, the genres, the use of MES, the impact/appeal of the video, and the type of structure and narrative that was included.

This task was helpful, as it allowed me to understand how professional bands might show their narrative in relation to the lyrics within the song. It also allowed me to understand how different type of narratives might work within a music video and the impact and appeal this could have on the people watching this.

This will help me when I make my music video as it will allow me to understand how I can use narrative and whether or not I might want to use it as an amplification, illustration or disjuncture. This will help me when I decide how I want to portray the narrative and if I want it to have any relevance to the lyrics in the song.