The task we had to complete was to do an in depth analysis on a professional Music Video. In this analysis we had to include things such as theme/subject matter, Performance/narrative ratio, inter textual references, look of the video/star, sound of the music, the type of narrative, relationship between the narrative and the star, camera movement and editing, representation of the star and video design to look visually pleasing.

This task taught me how I would be able to use things such as narrative to show the relationship with the stat of the video. As well as this it allowed me to understand how video design can can look visually pleasing which can attract viewers to watching the video. As well as this it allowed me to understand the way in which different editing and camera rules can be used to show the star image in a different light. It allowed me to determine how I can use narrative to show a specific feeling or emotion throughout the song. It taught me to understand different narratives and the visual and mental affect it could have on the audience watching.

I will use this when I decide what song I am using and if it has got a strong message attached to it. This would be key as it would allow me to use a good narrative if the strong had a strong meaning behind it. As well as this I will use it in order to determine how I use my camera and use of editing to show different feelings and emotions through the use of editing. As well as this it will allow me to understand how I can use my space available to portray the right meaning. I will use this to enable my viewers to understand the meaning behind the song which can help them connect to the music, and create a personal visualization throughout the song.