The video that I have chosen to reflect on is called “Bloodstain” which was created by a previous student who have gone through the process in making their own music video which is what I will be doing in the near future, but before I do this to need to be able to understand the typical conventions and features of a music video and what I need to do to make it successful. This is why I will be analyzing the work to allow me to understand these conventions and features.

Appropriate to the task? 

I believe that video shows a lot of conventions and features that you would expect to see in a typical music video. It is very key in reflecting the genre, and has definitely showed a positive direction towards this music video. To show that it was a music video they have kept to the typical conventions of a music video. For example at 36 seconds they use a lot of very quick edits that match with the timing of the music, which all have various different actions going on throughout. I think it is also very good as the use of the movements have relevance to the music.

Variety of shot distances 

To have a successful music video you need to have a variety of different shots and angles to make it easier to understand as well as exciting, and realistic. Within this video is does exactly that using a variety of close ups, long shots, extreme close ups, establishing shots, low angles, high angles and many many more. Therefore there use of a wide variety of camera shots followed the conventions well. The use of a wide variety of shots really does add a wide variety of visual interest, but as well as this it adds a good sense of narrative throughout the song. For example the wide use of shots at the bathing pools shows the different emotions that were present through the use of different angles and camera shots. This is key in helping the viewers connect with the emotions and the narrative within the song.


I think that the use of Mise-En-Scene within the video is very key when relating back to the genre. I think that the use of clothing throughout the video is very minimalist, but also effective as it didn’t over complicate the idea of the song. I think that the fact that they are similar sex creates a type of similarity throughout the song, within the idea of clothing. I think the fact that the clothes are within a very similar colour palette means that they have a connection, just like in the narrative of the video. As well as the use of the colour, they didn’t over complicate the clothes that they were wearing. I think that this was good because it kept the use of Mise-En-Scene similar to the narrative, as it was quite a serious topic, and if the colour palette was over complicated as well as the clothes it didn’t seem to fit the narrative. I think that the use of the clothes match the genre of the video very well, and create a pop genre feeling. So I therefore believe that the use of Mise-En-Scene was matched very well with the use of the genre.

Editing for meaning 

The use of the editing in this video was very effective as they have used clear editing which followed the continuity editing rules. They used an establishing shot as one of there continuity editing rules to show the surroundings and settings. This helps create a sense of place throughout the video and could give the audience a higher understanding of the situation. Another type of editing that they used was the use of flickering editing. I think that flicker editing is really effective in showing the emotions and suspense being built up during that part of the narrative. The use of editing with the timing of the music is also very effective as it shows there is a narrative in relation to the lyrics within the song. I think this is good as it shows the narrative at the same time as the lyrics which could help connect the narrative to the lyrics.

In doing this task it has meant that I have gained a lot of valuable information which will help me when I come to make my own video. Some of these things might include things such as;

  • Use of the Camera and Editing
  • Use of Mise-En-Scene throughout (e.g. use of clothing, makeup, setting, acting/actors)
  • Appropriate to the task e.g. is it what you expect to see when watching a music video, is it relevant to the genre in which you have selected.

I will use this information when making my video to ensure that my music video is as successful as possible. To do this I will have to ensure that the use of the narrative is relevant to the genre of the song in which I am going for. As well as this I would have to ensure I use a wide variety of editing and camera techniques to portray a sense of place, as well as emotion. Finally I would have to use a wide variety of Mise-En-Scene, but make sure it still relates to the genre in which I am trying to portray.