Month: April 2019

Visual Shot List for Performance Shoot.

Above you would be able to see a visual representation for my shot list for my performance which I made with Willem and Tom on Padlet. We then took screenshots and made gifs of different camera angles, framing, distance, movement and special effects that we would have liked to include within our music video. We then wrote some notes about what we thought about the different images and gifs, and how they had a impact on various different music videos, and how we might use them.

Star Image Planning

Above you will be able to see a mood board that that me and my group made on Pinterest where we collected several images of our main star Tom Odgen. We have got a variety of different images that we found from all over the internet. Once we had decided upon the images we wanted to use, we analysed them and described how his star image was portrayed throughout the pictures.

Once we had decided our images and analysed them all we had to try and come up with a meta-narrative which is a story about the artist, and how they might be conveyed and how they interact with friends, family and fans. There is a representation theory called Paradox of a star by Richard Dyer. This theory says that starts can be portrayed as both ordinary and extraordinary, ordinary in the sense that they are just like everyone else and we are able to connect with them, and extraordinary in the sense that they could be someone that we are looking up to and aspire to be like.

Tom Ogden is a very normal 25 year old man. We found out that Tom Ogden was a fan of music from a very young age, and he didn’t like being caught up in the spotlight. He is someone that has always been close to his friends and family, and interacts with his fans at everyone opportunity he gets. He is a very casual man and is always seen in casual clothes when performing. He is very engrossed in sports as he is a big fan of football and likes to get involved with it as much as he can.

Permission from Artist!

The idea of this post was that we needed to get confirmation from our artist to say that we were able to produce the music video using their song Charlemagne. We had to do this to overcome to problem of the music video being copyrighted, thus being removed.


Pitch + Feedback

This task meant that we had to include our updated pitch, and the ideas that we have changed. As well as this we had to include the video of us explaining our pitch to her feedback, and seeing what she thought about it. Finally we had to include targets and feedback which we got set by our teacher.

This is the updated version of our pitch:

Here is us explaining our pitch to Miss

Targets and Feedback from Teacher


The feedback we received was that our choice of song was very good. As well as this miss thought that the ideas we had were very creative and would have worked well within the idea of the song. As well as this miss thought that the idea of location and Mise-En-Scene was very good but we would have to make it very specific, meaning that we couldn’t just have our actors rocking up in any clothes they want.


  • Some of our targets are to establish the exact meaning we are trying to portray within the narrative.
  • Another target was to make sure all of the narrative ideas linked together properly.
  • Understand the ideas and varieties of Mise-En-Scene throughout the video.
  • Determine specific locations in which we want to shoot the video.
  • Find performers we need to have within our video

Final Song Choice

After a lot of discussion, we decided that none of our original songs would work for what we were trying to portray, so we decided to try and find a new song. After we decided the song we had to try and decide a narrative and came up with the idea that someone is trying to get something that they can’t have, and that everything they do will inevitably hurt them in the future.

Below you are able to see our final pitch;

Perfect Production Group

We did this task in order to determine what problems we might face when partaking in this project. As well as this it allowed us to understand the strengths and weaknesses that each of the members within our group has. As well as this it allows us to evenly distribute the roles and responsibilities of each person when creating our music video. Finally it allowed us to understand how we would share all of our ideas between each other when not together.

Song Short List

The idea of this task was to compare the different pitches from everyone in our group. In doing this it would allow us to find out which song we would like to use as our song for our music video. As well as this it allowed us to try and make a narrative which would suit the song well.


  • Tom’s idea was to try and create a song with an amplified narrative.
  • The idea of his location was to film it in a park, as well as the use of many different environments.
  • He would like to dress his star in very casual clothing, e.g. a button up shirt, skinny jeans and a denim jacket. As the idea of the song is to get over anxiety.
  • Use of facial expressions throughout the video would be very key.
  • The use of vibrant lighting to attract the viewers to the key meaning within the song.


  • The narrative that Willem is trying to portray is an amplified narrative.
  • The idea that the entire music video would be filmed in either the black or white studio.
  • He liked the idea of using editing to portray a lot of the emotions that are present throughout the lyrics within the video.
  • The use of the MES would be quite vibrant and quite quirky throughout the video. This portrays the vibe that would be present when listening to the lyrics within the song.
  • Willem would want to try and portray various different emotions. For example some points of the video might be happy whereas some points of the video might become a lot more serious.


  • I think that the use of MES within my idea was very vibrant and portrayed quite a happy feeling.
  • The idea of my locations would include quite a lot of water as it is trying to portray a summer feeling.
  • The use of editing would be very good as it would help to show the feeling of emotions, throughout the use of the sharp, quick edits.
  • Facial expressions in the video are key to show the emotions such as happiness within the music video.
  • The type of narrative I would use would be a disjunctive.
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