The idea of this task was to take a practice shoot. In doing this shoot it meant that we had to take a 20 second snippet of our song. We had to make it strictly performance based using a wide variety of camera angles. In doing this it allowed us to further our knowledge on Premiere Pro, which is the software we are using to edit our music videos, as well as adding effects.

3 Negatives;

  • One negative would be to make sure that the camera is in focus when recording the clips.
  • Another negative would be to ensure that we sued a larger variety of shots as we primarily shot most of the clips in a mid-shot.
  • Finally another negative would be the stability of the camera in some of the clips. We would have to ensure that we used a tripod to keep the clips in focus

3 Positives; 

  • I think that the use of the lip sinking was very effective and performer very well.
  • I think another one of the positives would be to use of the edits to fit in around the beat of the music.
  • I think that another positive would be the use of the filters on the video. I think they worked very well in helping to portray the mood and genre of the video.

3 Targets; 

  • One of my primary targets would be to make sure that we use a tripod in all of the clips we filmed.
  • Another one of our main targets would be to ensure that all of the video clips we filmed were to be in focus. This would create a better quality video all round.
  • The final one of our targets would be to ensure that their is a larger variety of shots within the video. This would allow for a more interesting video, with a wider a variety of shots throughout.