Month: July 2019

Music Video Draft 4

Below you would be able to see our 4th draft of our Music Video, Charlemagne by the Blossoms.

Whats Changed?

  • Within the narrative we have removed some of the narrative clips which made it harder to understand. By doing this we included more performance clips throughout the video.
  • We also added some new effects within the draft. One for example would be the use of crop. This allowed us to show two shots within the same one clip, which worked well when trying to portray certain parts of the narrative and the performance at the same time.
  • We moved some of the clips around in the video. We did this in order for us to be able to introduce the band earlier on in the video, as well as this we moved some of the narrative clips around as they didn’t flow very well with one another.

Comments from Audience and Feedback

  • They believe that the variety of transitions and edits throughout the video were very successful.
  • As well as this they really liked the variety of different shots of the band and the band and the singer throughout.
  • Although they liked the variety they believe that some of the shots look like they are out of place, for example the multi shot of the drums and the guitar seemed off center.
  • As well as this they think that some of the Narrative might be difficult to understand at some points.
  • Finally they believe that the end of the video ends weirdly. They think that we should have our main star walking further towards the camera, or have it so it fades to black rather than just seeing him step to the side.

Targets for Improvement; 

  • One thing that I would like to improve would be the transitions between some of the narrative clips as some of the cuts look quite jumpy.
  • Another target would be for us to make the narrative easier to understand throughout the video. This is because a lot of people don’t understand the meaning behind the narrative and what we might be trying to portray throughout.
  • As well as this I think that some of the lip syncing might be marginally off which is something that we could improve on to make the video that tiny bit better.
  • Finally I think that there is some shots that we should put Warp Stabilizer on, this is to reduce any small amounts of shaking just to make the video flow better.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

When adding effects to my music video I learnt so many skills which I will be able to use in future editing, some of these include;

  1. Warp Stabiliser – This effects was key in our music video. Warp Stabiliser is an effect which allowed us to make sure we minimised any shakiness within the shot. This meant that it made the shot look a lot more professional as there was no shakiness throughout the video.
  2. Replicate – The use of this effect was very successful, this is because it meant that we were able to duplicate a shot that occurred more than once in a short amount of time throughout the video. As well as this it meant that we were able to portray the shot in a different light, which helped us to portray a different emotion through the video, as well as making it more entertaining to watch.
  3. Posterize time – I think that the use of this effect was portrayed perfectly throughout our video. The use of this effect meant that it seemed like there was a distorted shadow follow behind our model when he was walking. It was very effective in helping to try and portray the type of narrative in which we were going for.

What went well? 

  • One thing that I believe went well was the way in which the effects fit in to the narrative. I believe that none of the effects looked as if they would have been out of place.
  • The variety of different effects in the video worked well, but as we didn’t use too many meant that we didn’t over complicate our video, as the effects were consistent throughout the entirety of the video.
  • We have managed to replace some of the shots from the performance draft that weren’t synced up with better narrative shots throughout the video, meaning for a better flowing and better looking video.

Even better if?

  • We wasted a lot of time nesting all of our sequences in order to be able to add all of the effects onto the clips. This meant that we wasted a lot of valuable time that we could have been using in the lesson.
  • As a lot of our shots were shaking, we had to spend a lot of time applying warp stabiliser to them. This meant that we wasted a lot of time waiting for the clip to render and actually stabilise. In order to counteract this would should have ensure we had the camera properly stable when recording the shot.

Feedback from teacher

Summary of Feedback; 

From this feedback we have established that we need to introduce a variety of different shots earlier in the video. Especially of the band. This is because we introduce all the members of the band too late into the video. As well as this we established that the performance part of the video should be sped up so that it doesn’t look too slow. As well as this we determined that we should re-order, and make some of the shots longer as they look a bit out of place. Finally we determined that we should add some colour correction to the video where the colour of our main stars face is changing.

Targets from Feedback;

  • One of our main targets would be to re-order some of the shots we have got as they seem like they might be out of place, for example the walking shot at the start.
  • Another target would be to introduce the band to the video earlier as all of the good shots of the band come in a lot later, which means we don’t fully meet them til the end.
  • We need to introduce a larger variety of shots earlier into the video to ensure that all of the clips don’t look the same at the start of the video.
  • We need to see the main star for longer at the start of the video to ensure we get to know him better and understand what he’s like.
  • Finally we need to add colour correction to parts of the video where the main stars face is changing colour to show it in a more obvious manor.

Music Video Draft 3

Below you will be able to see our third draft of our Music Video ‘Charlemagne’ by the Blossoms.

Whats Changed?

  • One of the main thing that has changed throughout the video would be the use of effects. We have added a large variety of effects in order for us to help portray our narrative meaning better.
  • As well as this we have added some new, different clips into the video to add a bit more context meaning it’s not as confusing.

Below you will be able to see 5 comments from audience and peers about the music video, and what they think we could do to improve.

My targets for improvement would be;

  • One thing that we would try tom improve would be editing on the beat. This would be to ensure that the video doesn’t cut on random parts of the song making it seem choppy throughout.
  • Another target would be to ensure that we include more fishbowl throughout the narrative section of the video. This would be to show the direct contrast between the castle’s entrapment and the entrapment of the fishbowl.
  • Another target would be to ensure that the narrative is obvious and has a meaning, for example not just putting random clips in because they look cool.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We had Lenny and Elliott come into our media lesson to have them help us and give suggestions on how we could improve our work. Some of the things they said could include;

  • Use warp stabilize effect. This would be to allow us to minimize any shakes we have got in the clips which would allow the video to flow more smoothly.
  • They also said we should make it very clear what meaning we are trying to portray through the narrative. He used the question ‘what is the point of a shot being in the video if it doesn’t mean anything?’
  • They told us we should nest our sequences in order for us to make them easier to manage.
  • How to use adjustment layers to add effects, for example vignette.
  • They said we should create bins to to make our shots more organised and less cluttered, as this would increase our workflow.
  • They also said that we should only use one of two effects rather than experimenting with loads of different ones. This would be to keep the consistency throughout the video. They also said make sure that you don’t use an effect for more than one location you have taken shots in, for example if you were to use certain effect on the performance you cannot use the same effect on the narrative.


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