We had Lenny and Elliott come into our media lesson to have them help us and give suggestions on how we could improve our work. Some of the things they said could include;

  • Use warp stabilize effect. This would be to allow us to minimize any shakes we have got in the clips which would allow the video to flow more smoothly.
  • They also said we should make it very clear what meaning we are trying to portray through the narrative. He used the question ‘what is the point of a shot being in the video if it doesn’t mean anything?’
  • They told us we should nest our sequences in order for us to make them easier to manage.
  • How to use adjustment layers to add effects, for example vignette.
  • They said we should create bins to to make our shots more organised and less cluttered, as this would increase our workflow.
  • They also said that we should only use one of two effects rather than experimenting with loads of different ones. This would be to keep the consistency throughout the video. They also said make sure that you don’t use an effect for more than one location you have taken shots in, for example if you were to use certain effect on the performance you cannot use the same effect on the narrative.