Summary of Feedback; 

From this feedback we have established that we need to introduce a variety of different shots earlier in the video. Especially of the band. This is because we introduce all the members of the band too late into the video. As well as this we established that the performance part of the video should be sped up so that it doesn’t look too slow. As well as this we determined that we should re-order, and make some of the shots longer as they look a bit out of place. Finally we determined that we should add some colour correction to the video where the colour of our main stars face is changing.

Targets from Feedback;

  • One of our main targets would be to re-order some of the shots we have got as they seem like they might be out of place, for example the walking shot at the start.
  • Another target would be to introduce the band to the video earlier as all of the good shots of the band come in a lot later, which means we don’t fully meet them til the end.
  • We need to introduce a larger variety of shots earlier into the video to ensure that all of the clips don’t look the same at the start of the video.
  • We need to see the main star for longer at the start of the video to ensure we get to know him better and understand what he’s like.
  • Finally we need to add colour correction to parts of the video where the main stars face is changing colour to show it in a more obvious manor.