When adding effects to my music video I learnt so many skills which I will be able to use in future editing, some of these include;

  1. Warp Stabiliser – This effects was key in our music video. Warp Stabiliser is an effect which allowed us to make sure we minimised any shakiness within the shot. This meant that it made the shot look a lot more professional as there was no shakiness throughout the video.
  2. Replicate – The use of this effect was very successful, this is because it meant that we were able to duplicate a shot that occurred more than once in a short amount of time throughout the video. As well as this it meant that we were able to portray the shot in a different light, which helped us to portray a different emotion through the video, as well as making it more entertaining to watch.
  3. Posterize time – I think that the use of this effect was portrayed perfectly throughout our video. The use of this effect meant that it seemed like there was a distorted shadow follow behind our model when he was walking. It was very effective in helping to try and portray the type of narrative in which we were going for.

What went well? 

  • One thing that I believe went well was the way in which the effects fit in to the narrative. I believe that none of the effects looked as if they would have been out of place.
  • The variety of different effects in the video worked well, but as we didn’t use too many meant that we didn’t over complicate our video, as the effects were consistent throughout the entirety of the video.
  • We have managed to replace some of the shots from the performance draft that weren’t synced up with better narrative shots throughout the video, meaning for a better flowing and better looking video.

Even better if?

  • We wasted a lot of time nesting all of our sequences in order to be able to add all of the effects onto the clips. This meant that we wasted a lot of valuable time that we could have been using in the lesson.
  • As a lot of our shots were shaking, we had to spend a lot of time applying warp stabiliser to them. This meant that we wasted a lot of time waiting for the clip to render and actually stabilise. In order to counteract this would should have ensure we had the camera properly stable when recording the shot.