Below you would be able to see our 4th draft of our Music Video, Charlemagne by the Blossoms.

Whats Changed?

  • Within the narrative we have removed some of the narrative clips which made it harder to understand. By doing this we included more performance clips throughout the video.
  • We also added some new effects within the draft. One for example would be the use of crop. This allowed us to show two shots within the same one clip, which worked well when trying to portray certain parts of the narrative and the performance at the same time.
  • We moved some of the clips around in the video. We did this in order for us to be able to introduce the band earlier on in the video, as well as this we moved some of the narrative clips around as they didn’t flow very well with one another.

Comments from Audience and Feedback

  • They believe that the variety of transitions and edits throughout the video were very successful.
  • As well as this they really liked the variety of different shots of the band and the band and the singer throughout.
  • Although they liked the variety they believe that some of the shots look like they are out of place, for example the multi shot of the drums and the guitar seemed off center.
  • As well as this they think that some of the Narrative might be difficult to understand at some points.
  • Finally they believe that the end of the video ends weirdly. They think that we should have our main star walking further towards the camera, or have it so it fades to black rather than just seeing him step to the side.

Targets for Improvement; 

  • One thing that I would like to improve would be the transitions between some of the narrative clips as some of the cuts look quite jumpy.
  • Another target would be for us to make the narrative easier to understand throughout the video. This is because a lot of people don’t understand the meaning behind the narrative and what we might be trying to portray throughout.
  • As well as this I think that some of the lip syncing might be marginally off which is something that we could improve on to make the video that tiny bit better.
  • Finally I think that there is some shots that we should put Warp Stabilizer on, this is to reduce any small amounts of shaking just to make the video flow better.