As a group we want to try and incorporate nature within our digipak, highlighting the use of blue colours, as this seems to be a recurring theme throughout Indie Pop digipaks. Furthermore we want our Star to stand out, hence the use of the vibrant, and bright colours within our collage, as we feel this would represent the sort of colours we are tying to portray. As well as this it would help to portray the Star Image. The use of font within our digipak would be very bold, in a block form, as this will attract the viewers to this as it would be obvious. We also plan on using a tree as the main prop within the digipak as we believe we would be able to use the obscure shapes to do this.

Below you will be able to see our collage that we made.

This is a mock up of the front cover of our digipak.

The main image I want to try and incorporate will be the main star around a tree. The idea of this is to try and use to random shape of the tree in a way which suits the genre. As well as this I want to use my model on different parts of the tree, whether this is them leaning against it, lying on it, or hanging from it to try and portray a set mood, which will suit the star image as well as fit in with the genre.

This is a mock up of the back cover for our digipak.