Month: October 2019

Digipak Draft 3

This is our third draft of our Digipak in which we printed it out and put it into a CD to get a feel for the work, and see if it looked any good, meaning it match the conventions of our genre, and helped to represent our star image.

Front Pane 

Inside Panes 

Back Pane 

We then made a tally to see if people could understand what Genre the CD was and gave them a list of 5 different Genres to guess from, to ensure that we know we were along the right lines.

After this we asked 10 people to think of some creative adjectives that they think are relatable to the CD, as well as anything they like about it.

Judging from the feedback I believe that the people in which looked at our digipak successfully understood and decoded everything that we encoded within the digipak, allowing them to understand more about the star image and genre, meaning the digipak had been conveyed well, allowing a high understanding throughout. This therefore means it relates to Stuart Halls preferred reading as the audience had viewed and understood the digipak in the way in which we wanted them to.

What will we do before our final draft?

Before our final draft we intend on editing the inside panes and back pane a bit more in order for them to be completely genre specific as well as allowing them to completely match the conventions of our Genre. Furthermore we intend on changing minimalist things such as font sizing, fonts, colour correction, in order to make our final product look that tiny bit more sharp. In addition to this we need to complete our spines for the digipak, which will run down the side of the CD promoting the band and the albums name.

Website Draft 2

This is the second draft of our website in which we have changed certain aspects to ensure that they are more suited to our star image, genre and branding ideas.

Feedback From Teacher

Targets for Improvement

  • Include Digipak within the website
  • Add a news section/gossip in order to get the audience interacting with the website
  • Allow the audience to understand where to buy the tickets from within the tour page
  • Possibly create a Gallery page with pictures of the band having fun etc etc
  • Include the Video
  • Add different album covers
  • Link to the music

Evaluation of Web Design Application

In order to make our Websites for out star we have called a website called Wix which is a cloud based web development platform. Wix has provided us with a great basis for us to start out website, and although it has a lot of confusing aspects to it, is quite simple to use once you have got your head around it. As we have developed out website we have gained many new skills such as:

1. Add Tool 

The add tool was a very useful tool within Wix. This tool was very useful as it allowed us to add pre-made pages onto the website. This meant that we were able to add pages such as a Contact page or a News page for example. It meant that we had a pre-made basis in place, which allowed us to expand, on the website, and us finite details to ensure that the website fitted our star image, genre and branding ideas.

2. Manage Apps 

The manage apps tool was extremely useful when creating our website. This meant that we had a quick and easy way to navigate around all of the different pages within the website meaning that the editing of the website was as efficient as possible, minimising the time it takes us to create the website, allowing for more time to focus on all of the small details within the website. As well as this it gave us the opportunity to change the template in which that certain part of the website had.

3. Section Design 

This skill was extremely useful. The use of this skill meant that we are able to change the design of certain aspects of the website. In doing this it meant that we were able to ensure that the website completely helped to portray our star image as well as the branding in which we were trying to represent. Most importantly it meant that we were able to fit it to our genre, through the various use of section designs that are already pre-set.

Website Draft 1 Self Assessment

Below you will be able to see our first draft of our website. I believe that for a first draft it went very successfully, as the website is very pleasing on the eye, and very accessible. As well as this it suits our genre well, highlighting the conventions that would be necessary for an Indie Rock Magazine.

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Below you can see the flowchart and template for the website of our star.

Audience interaction with a website analysis

This is a screencastify by my group where we analysed the Blossoms website and how to understand how the band would interact with the website. We used the Blumler and Katz theory to try and understand how it gives them a Personal Identity, Social Interaction, Information and Entertainment as well as using AIDA which is attraction, interest, desire and call to action. By analysing the same Genre of a website, which is Indie Rock, meaning we would be able to understand the typical conventions within the Genre, allowing us to make our magazine as successful/conventional as possible.

Digipak Draft 2

This is our second draft of our digipak, as you might be able to notice we haven’t made any improvements to the front and the back panes, although we have added two inside panes to our digipak which help bulk the product, although we haven’t had the chance to edit them yet.

The Front Pane:

The Inside Left Pane:

The Inside Right Pane:

The Back Pane:

Teacher Screen Castify:

Targets For Improvement:

  • Liquify the background on the front pane more in order to make it more obvious/consistent
  • Try and fill all of the empty space present on the front pane, so it doesn’t look too bare/boring
  • Try to make it more personal for the audience, have something which gets them more involved within the digipak, allowing them to relate to it
  • Inside panes are boring, possible glasses across both pains with reflection of 504 or Gateway Timeout
  • Possibly cut out the tree on the back pane in order to make it more relevant to the genre, possibly doing more colour correction allowing it to be conventional to the genre and star image.
  • Make sure the back pane is conventional with the use of the song timings as might not be completely conventional to the genre.
  • Make the pictures more crisp, trying to reduce the creases within the shirt on the front pane.


Digipak Draft 1

Below you will be able to see the very first draft of our digipak with the front and back panes. For a first draft I believe that they were successful although the front pane is quite minimalist, although the back pane is very successful. I believe that the use of font, colour, mise-en-scne and type faces all work well in helping to portray the genre.

The Front Pane:

The Back Pane:

Production Skills Evaluation 3

As we have begun our newest media product it is important to highlight all of the new skills and techniques that I have learnt in order to make the work as good as it could possibly be, and allow it to fit my genre.

One of the new key skills in which I have learnt during this project is the Liquify effect on Photoshop. The use of the Liquify effect was extremely useful when creating our digipaks as it allowed us to create a distorted image for our background. The use of this effect also meant that we were able to fit it into our genre, as it allowed us to represent star image and genre in a better manner. The use of the effect allowed us to create a ripple across the background, as well as blurring the image, allowing for and edgy, alternative vibe to the digipak, thus fitting our genre.

Another useful skill that I learnt when creating this product would be the transform tool. The transform tool was crucial when creating the front pane of our digipak as it meant that we were able to flip our image around, meaning that the main star image went from the left of the page to the right. This meant that we were able to fit in all the necessary information within the digipak without it looking too clustered, meaning that it fit the typical conventions of a digipak, as well as fitting our genre, and helping to represent our star image.

Contact Sheet

Below you would be able to see our contacts sheets from the shoot with did for our digipak. Overall I believe that the shoot was successful, although there would also be some room for improvements throughout the shoot. In some of the pictures we have got the light over exposed which means they look too bright, whereas some are under exposed, meaning too dark. Finally the use of Mise-En-Scene was successful and fitted our genre very well.

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