As we have begun our newest media product it is important to highlight all of the new skills and techniques that I have learnt in order to make the work as good as it could possibly be, and allow it to fit my genre.

One of the new key skills in which I have learnt during this project is the Liquify effect on Photoshop. The use of the Liquify effect was extremely useful when creating our digipaks as it allowed us to create a distorted image for our background. The use of this effect also meant that we were able to fit it into our genre, as it allowed us to represent star image and genre in a better manner. The use of the effect allowed us to create a ripple across the background, as well as blurring the image, allowing for and edgy, alternative vibe to the digipak, thus fitting our genre.

Another useful skill that I learnt when creating this product would be the transform tool. The transform tool was crucial when creating the front pane of our digipak as it meant that we were able to flip our image around, meaning that the main star image went from the left of the page to the right. This meant that we were able to fit in all the necessary information within the digipak without it looking too clustered, meaning that it fit the typical conventions of a digipak, as well as fitting our genre, and helping to represent our star image.