Creative Critical Reflection 1

So how did it go?

I have now finished component 1, which included researching, designing, producing and evaluating a Music Magazine on a specific genre. The magazine that I made is called ‘Swift’ is now finished and I have uploaded it onto the website so I could see what it actually looks like as a magazine.  You will be able to see this on my home page.

I have found the process of making my music magazine enjoyable, and I have developed many new skills throughout my time making the magazine. One of the new skills in which I have learnt is the use of Indesign. Indesign has allowed me to understand how to use different tools to create different effects, for example creating and using a variety of different fonts, as well as colours of backgrounds and fonts. Within Indesign I have been able to make my front cover, double page spread, and contents page. Another skill that I learnt in doing this was Photoshop. Photoshop allowed me to change background colours and cut out various parts of a picture, as well as allowing me to understand how to remove impurities on the faces of my models. Furthermore I have learnt many new ways of doing research, analysis and evaluation of my own work as well as others. This has enabled me to make a magazine in which I am happy with, as well as helping others to improve theirs. I am happy with the work that I have made and the improvements throughout the year.


CCR 4 – Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

CCR 3 – Question 3: So… How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

CCR 2 – Question 2: So… How does your product engage with audiences and how would it bedistributed as a real media text?

CCR 1 – So… How does your product use or challenge conventionsand how does it represent social groups or issues?

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So… Hows Is It Going?

When in the design phase of my magazine I knew what I was going to accomplish with the use of the genre and Images, and I think that knowing what I wanted to create helped me a lot as I knew what I wanted to achieve.

One of the key design skills that I have learnt whilst making my magazine is that you need to have similarities throughout the entire magazine. One way you could do this, and the way I did this was by having a very similar colour scheme and font throughout my front cover, double page spread and contents page. In doing this it has allowed me to create a link throughout the different parts of the magazine.

I also learnt that the images are a very crucial aspect when it comes to portraying the set star image and the genre. The use of Mise-En-Scene to dress the actor as well as facial expression and makeup all has a key part to play into the genre of the magazine.

Design Skills 2

One thing that I have learnt when making my double page spread is how to change the opacity of a specific type of writing. In order to be able to do this you have got to select the box in which the writing is in. Once you have done this you have then got to go across the top scroll bar and select object. Once you have selected object you then go down and select effect. Once you have clicked effect you can then change the percentage of the opacity of the writing.

Another skill in which I learnt through InDesign was changing the opacity, colour and borders of different boxes. Doing this allowed to portray to real meaning of my genre and it also allowed it to have similarities with my front cover and contents page.

There have not been many new tools that I have been using or learnt when using Photoshop, although one thing I have been able to do was further my understanding as to how to cut out pictures. I used the magic wand tool in order to cut out different parts of a picture. I also figured out how to use the lasso tool when some parts of the image wouldn’t let cut out with the magic wand tool. I had to use the lasso tool when the colours in the background and the image I was cutting out clashed. 

Design Skills !

One thing that I have learnt when creating my draft is how to create different colour boxes and fill shapes. I think that this is very good because it allows me to add a variety of different colours into my drafts. This is also good because it is a good part of Mise-En-Scene which is very key when you are making a magazine.

In doing this I also learnt how to add borders to my text boxes and my images. I think that this is a very useful skill to have because it makes the draft look very tidy and crisp. It is also good because it help you understand and separate the different parts of the magazine and what they might actually do.

Another skill that I acquired when making my drafts was the use of cutting out my models on Photoshop. To do this I had to use the magic wand tool, quick selection tool and magnetic lasso and eraser tool. Using these tools taught me how I would be able to achieve the best possible results, and it also allowed me to develop my skills in many different areas.

Another thing that I also learnt was how to zoom in and out when selecting and deselecting different parts of the image. This meant that it made cutting out my picture far easier than it had previously been. Another thing that this also helped me to do was understand the differences in picking out the colours.

I think that another very key skill I learnt when doing this was to understand how to layer the different images on InDesign. This meant that I was able to put the pictures in different places and also allow the writing to be on top of the picture, as well as having other pictures on top of the main background picture. 

The picture below helps to understand how you are able to insert a picture onto your InDesign document. Underneath you are also able to see how you might be able to arrange you pictures. This is how you might be able to move a picture to the back or bring a picture to the front.

So… I’m ready to photograph my star!

I now feel I have got the stage in which I will be able to take the photos for my magazine. I feel that my research has been good enough to allow me to feel confident enough to be able to achieve the photos I am looking for. We have been recently looking at a variety of aspects that will help us do this.

  • One thing that will help me to do this will be the camera. We have recently had a demonstration about how to use the flash lighting kit in the studios as well as the different types of static light available to us.  In learning this it will allow us to understand how light can help us create better photos.
  • Richard Dyers Star Theory also allows us to understand how media might change various parts of celebrities and artists to help them to portray a different image.
  • We have also done research on the appearance of our star for our specific genre. In doing this research it has allowed us to plan out and design the perfect outfit/costume for out star. The use of Mise-En-Scene’s accessories and clothing are very helpful in portraying our star image and what they are meant to be like.
  • Personally my model is going to look smart casual. I decided that I didn’t want to overdo the amount of accessories I use in the model so I kept that quite minimalistic .

So… I’m ready to make some media!

Over the first half term I have learnt many different skills that would enable me to learn new things and will help me to create my own types of media.

One thing that we have been taught about could be the use of Mise-En-Scene and how we can use it to understand different meanings behind an image. We have also been taught about what we can do with the camera. For example the use of light exposure, aperture, different types of shots. We have also been taught about the meanings of psychographics and demographics in order to help portray a specific meaning directly to someone.  One thing that you would have to think about would be the use of Indesign and Photoshop. Within Indesign and Photoshop you are able to changes images and text. Another thing that will help me is magazine design conventions. We have learnt about things such as masthead, plug, pug cover star and star image. These will overall help me to make better media. 


Overall I believe that these skills will help me to create better media in the future and will also help me me portray a more specific meaning.

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