Music Magazine

A New Improved Contents Page

This is my new and improved contents page. I decided on various things I wanted to change after getting peer feedback from some of my classmates

Things I changed:

  • I changed the colour of the boxes from red to blue. I did this because I felt as if it matched better with my font and it looked better and fits in better with the rest of the contents page.
  • Another thing that I changed might be the boxes. Within the boxes I changed the colour of the titles and I also changed what some of them actually said. I did this because I feel like the shape of the boxes didn’t look very conventional. I also made the boxes wider and longer, with one extra long one. This meant that I removed one of the boxes.
  • Another thing that I changed was the main picture. This was because it looks better and has a bit more of a meaning than the other picture had. I also made the dimensions of the picture thinner so that it included more of the vibrant parts of the image rather than just the blank wall.

Draft 2 – The Contents Page

The next stage for the design process of my magazine was to create my contents page. When making the front cover I had to make sure it was consistent and similar to what my front cover looked like. This meant I had to use similar colours.

In making this I was struggling to find the correct image for what I needed. I was also struggling when I was trying to decide what I wanted to put into the boxes so for now I decided to make something up. I also decided to include two main pictures so that I was able to highlight the main articles within the magazine.

As it is the only my first draft I have got some peer feedback off of Harry Torode.

Describe the images of the stars using adjectives – Colorful, young, coordinated, glamorous

Which cover lines tempt the audience to read and which ones stand out and why? The featured column stands out to me because it has a red background and this increases the contrast. The article titles are large and easy to read and their isn’t very many so it draws attention to them.

How do the cover lines reflect a music magazine? If they don’t, which ones need to be adapted? ‘exclusive’ is something that I associate with all magazines and therefore using it here may draw in people. The cover lines don’t really reflect a music magazine but they still work here.

Which areas, aspects have distracting areas of integration of copy and images? I don’t like the way the boxes look, they are difficult to read and cause a lot of strain on the eyes. The image fits well, however looks squashed and stretched?? The inset image is good, I think it works well at that size.

What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional? (page numbers, inserts, captions, catchy cover lines) The design of the magazine is very conventional , the boxes are something that I have seen in magazines before and them image layout works, i would maybe suggest using a different colour for the background as the red seems to harsh for a pop genre.

Targets For Development?

  • I want to try and change the way my boxes look to allow me to include more information
  • I also want to try and change the main picture as it doesn’t really portray any specific meaning.
  • I also want to try and change the colour of red because it doesn’t suit the genre as well as it probably could.
  • I would like to make one larger box which would be able to include more information that the others.

Second Shoot Contact Sheet

How far did I meet the aims for my shoot? Within my shoot I think I did quite well in achieving my aims. One reason that I think that the images were quite could was through the use of Mise-En-Scene. I think that the use of Mise-En-Scene was very good because of the colours, make-up and props. I think that the use of outfit is really good because it matches the use of the genre quite well. I think the fact that they were both wearing denim was also very good as they looked quite similar.

I also think that the use of the colour was quite good because it looked quite vibrant and it also links in very well with my genre. I think that the colour of the clothes they were both wearing worked very well in attracting the attention of my audience. I also think that the balloons were very good in adding context into my magazine and it adds quite a happy upbeat vibe.

Production Meeting Agenda for 2nd Photo Shoot

Now that I have finished my first mock ups I can begin to think about the images that I will be able to use for my double page spread and contents page. In doing this I have created a second shoot plan which you are able to see below.


Risk Assessment!

The idea of this task was to make our own risk assessment. In doing this it allowed us to understand all of the dangers and safety hazards that we might come across whilst we are off the school site. It also allows us to understand how we can avoid such problems and stay safe throughout the day.

A New Improved Front Page!

Below is the second draft of my front cover for my music magazine  names ‘Swift’, within the draft I have changed certain features in which were mentioned by my class and I thought could do with being changed.

  1. The first thing in which I changed would be the use of the fonts and the font sizes. I decided that I would have to change the fonts because they didn’t fully suit the genre of my magazine. For example my fonts looked more alternative/rocky. I decided to change my font to Arial as I though it went better with my theme and it didn’t look out of place. I also decided that I would have to change the size of the font because in some placed they were hard to read. 
  2. Another thing that I changed was the spacing with all of the writing. I believe that previously the front cover looked as if it was too empty, so to change this I decided to move the writing and add some more plugs. I felt that this would allow to front cover to not look as bare. I felt that this looked better than leaving loads of empty space around the front cover.
  3. The final change that I made was the use of changing the size of the pug. I did this to make the picture more clear which would help the understanding of the front cover. I also did this because I felt as if it was too small and it was actually quite hard to understand what was happening in the picture. The changing of this allowed it to become more clear and understandable, it also relates quite well to my theme of pop. 

Draft One With Reflections

This is my first draft cover for my music magazine named “Swift” This magazine front cover has included my masthead that I created as well one of the images from my photo shoot. To create this front cover I had to use Indesign and Photoshop.

Student Assessment: Harry Torode

What Genre of Music is that magazine featuring:  From the masthead I am told that the magazine is of a pop genre however I feel that the fonts used covey for of a rock/alternative vibe.

Describe the front cover star using adjectives – their star image? The front cover star is edgy, stylish and well dressed. the tattoos are clear and well designed and provide another factor towards the star image. The microphone helps to further convey the genre.

Are there areas where the integration and copy is distracting? There isn’t any features which partially distract the viewer, the magazine is well laid out and therefore it is clear and easy to read.

What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional? The magazines design is very conventional, the mastheads and plugs are in the right places, this helps the magazine to look professional and gives a high level of finish

Summary – From Harry’s comments I now know what I need to improve.

  • His comments say that the magazine does convey the genre, although I need to change the font as it looks more like rock/alternative.
  • I also want to try and fill up more of the space to make sure there isn’t as much blank space.
  • I will also need to take photos that I can put as my insets.
  • I think another area of improvement could be the colour of the font and writing underneath it.

First Contact Shoot Sheet (s)

Personally I think that my photo shoot went quite well. I think that I met my aimed objectives quite well with how I was trying to portray a specific image and what meaning they might have to the audience. Although most of the photos went quite well I did have some issues with some that were blurry. I also think that some of the pictures were very effective in the way they showed off the genre and what effect it might have had on the image.

I also think I met the aim through the use of the different poses that I got my model to do. In some of them the use of the poses caused the image to be very blurry but in some of the other ones they it is very clear and easy to understand the pose and what it is trying to connote. I also think that some of the pictures are very good because of the use of the facial expressions that my model made. I think that the use of the facial expressions are good because of how he moves his face and the eye contact that he sometimes made with or without the camera.

Some of my favorite pictures might be the ones where he is trying to show off the tattoo. I think these are good because they show what his personality is like and how it might effect the picture. I also like the picture where he has the silence finger over his mouth. I think that this is good because it shows what his actual mood might be and how he might be feeling.

Early Mock Ups

The idea of this task was to create mock ups layouts for our magazine. In doing this we had to make a mock up for Front Cover, Content Page and Double Page Spread. Using all of my current knowledge I came up with these design conventions.

Front Cover

When thinking about my design layouts I wanted to make sure that nothing looked out of place. I also decided that I wanted it to have a decent amount on information so I decided that I would include plugs and captions on my front page to give information about the remainder of the magazine. I also thought that I wanted to have images on the front cover, but not too many to take away the focus from the main cover star. 

Contents Page 

For my contents page I decided that I wanted to include as many images as possible, but I also wanted to make sure they didn’t take up too much room within the page which would still allow me to include space for index and plugs. I also decided that I wanted one main image on the picture which attracts the most attention.

Double Page Spread

Within my double page spread I decided that I wanted to have one main image which would attract the most attention. But I also had other smaller images to support the main image. I also decided that I wanted the text to take up the majority of the page so I decided three large columns would be good for this. I also included a quote from the star as it is a way of attracting people to see what the star said.  The use of the plugs and the pugs will help to gain attention to the magazine and make it for fascinating for the people reading it. This will allow me to use more of AIDA.


These mock ups will help me when I actually make my front cover and double page spread because it allows me to understand and gives me an idea of the size of the pictures that I would need and what sort of information I would need to include.



Mast Head Designs

Design 1

For my first design I was scrolling through the fonts and I thought that the font looked crisp. I think that this would work well because it stands out quite well. I also think that the separation that I have between each of the letters looks good because it means the title does not look too clustered and it creates a sharp image. I also think that the use of the tilt in the image is good because it makes it look like its being moved, which looks quite cool.

Design 2 

I think that this design is also good because of how artsy it is. One reason I think this design is good because it looks very different with the use of the font. I decided that it would be better to not have the font slanted for this one. I decided this because I felt that if it was slanted it would look very scruffy. I also decided that if  I were to create spaces between the words it would take away the purpose of the font looking quite posh.

Design 3 

I think that this font is my favorite. One reason that I think this is my favorite is because the picture is very crisp and looks quite clean. I also think that this is one of my favorite pictures because it would allow me to put whatever colour in want inside the actual font. I also decided that this picture would be best if I didn’t slant it at all because the fact that the picture is upright and very straight makes it seem very smart. I also like the fact that the spaces between each letter are the same which makes it look very smart. I also think that this is good because I feel that it relates to the genre of pop quite well.

Design 4

I think that this mast head is good because it looks quite scruffy. I think that this is good because it seems to show the different ways in which our pop artist could look like. I also think that it is good because of the different sizes of space between each of the words and what effect it actually has on the mast head. I also think that this theme is quite funky which means it could relate quite well back to my genre which is pop.

Overall I think the masthead I will use will be the third one. I think that developing this font will be quite good as there is quite a few things that I would be able to do to change the font. I will explore this by filling in the font to enable me to put in a different colour in it which would enable me and the audience to understand the type of genre in which I am going for.

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