Creative Critical Reflection 3

Creative Critical Reflection 4

How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

Creative Critical Reflection 3

How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

Creative Critical Reflection 2

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

Creative Critical Reflection 1

How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?

Evaluation of Web Design Application

In order to make our Websites for out star we have called a website called Wix which is a cloud based web development platform. Wix has provided us with a great basis for us to start out website, and although it has a lot of confusing aspects to it, is quite simple to use once you have got your head around it. As we have developed out website we have gained many new skills such as:

1. Add Tool 

The add tool was a very useful tool within Wix. This tool was very useful as it allowed us to add pre-made pages onto the website. This meant that we were able to add pages such as a Contact page or a News page for example. It meant that we had a pre-made basis in place, which allowed us to expand, on the website, and us finite details to ensure that the website fitted our star image, genre and branding ideas.

2. Manage Apps 

The manage apps tool was extremely useful when creating our website. This meant that we had a quick and easy way to navigate around all of the different pages within the website meaning that the editing of the website was as efficient as possible, minimising the time it takes us to create the website, allowing for more time to focus on all of the small details within the website. As well as this it gave us the opportunity to change the template in which that certain part of the website had.

3. Section Design 

This skill was extremely useful. The use of this skill meant that we are able to change the design of certain aspects of the website. In doing this it meant that we were able to ensure that the website completely helped to portray our star image as well as the branding in which we were trying to represent. Most importantly it meant that we were able to fit it to our genre, through the various use of section designs that are already pre-set.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

As we have begun our newest media product it is important to highlight all of the new skills and techniques that I have learnt in order to make the work as good as it could possibly be, and allow it to fit my genre.

One of the new key skills in which I have learnt during this project is the Liquify effect on Photoshop. The use of the Liquify effect was extremely useful when creating our digipaks as it allowed us to create a distorted image for our background. The use of this effect also meant that we were able to fit it into our genre, as it allowed us to represent star image and genre in a better manner. The use of the effect allowed us to create a ripple across the background, as well as blurring the image, allowing for and edgy, alternative vibe to the digipak, thus fitting our genre.

Another useful skill that I learnt when creating this product would be the transform tool. The transform tool was crucial when creating the front pane of our digipak as it meant that we were able to flip our image around, meaning that the main star image went from the left of the page to the right. This meant that we were able to fit in all the necessary information within the digipak without it looking too clustered, meaning that it fit the typical conventions of a digipak, as well as fitting our genre, and helping to represent our star image.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

When adding effects to my music video I learnt so many skills which I will be able to use in future editing, some of these include;

  1. Warp Stabiliser – This effects was key in our music video. Warp Stabiliser is an effect which allowed us to make sure we minimised any shakiness within the shot. This meant that it made the shot look a lot more professional as there was no shakiness throughout the video.
  2. Replicate – The use of this effect was very successful, this is because it meant that we were able to duplicate a shot that occurred more than once in a short amount of time throughout the video. As well as this it meant that we were able to portray the shot in a different light, which helped us to portray a different emotion through the video, as well as making it more entertaining to watch.
  3. Posterize time – I think that the use of this effect was portrayed perfectly throughout our video. The use of this effect meant that it seemed like there was a distorted shadow follow behind our model when he was walking. It was very effective in helping to try and portray the type of narrative in which we were going for.

What went well? 

  • One thing that I believe went well was the way in which the effects fit in to the narrative. I believe that none of the effects looked as if they would have been out of place.
  • The variety of different effects in the video worked well, but as we didn’t use too many meant that we didn’t over complicate our video, as the effects were consistent throughout the entirety of the video.
  • We have managed to replace some of the shots from the performance draft that weren’t synced up with better narrative shots throughout the video, meaning for a better flowing and better looking video.

Even better if?

  • We wasted a lot of time nesting all of our sequences in order to be able to add all of the effects onto the clips. This meant that we wasted a lot of valuable time that we could have been using in the lesson.
  • As a lot of our shots were shaking, we had to spend a lot of time applying warp stabiliser to them. This meant that we wasted a lot of time waiting for the clip to render and actually stabilise. In order to counteract this would should have ensure we had the camera properly stable when recording the shot.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

When editing my performance rough cut I learnt many new skills as I began to understand Premiere Pro in a much better way. Some of the new skills that I learnt may have been:

  1. Adding more tracks – Adding tracks within editing was a very useful skill for me to have learnt. This was because it allowed me to understand where I had moved specific clips to in order for me to keep my editing a lot neater. As well as this it means that the editing was a lot more manageable and easily laid out for me to edit my video in the most effective and time efficient was as possible
  2. Labeling folders within Premiere Pro – This skill was particularly useful for me as it meant that I was able to keep my work space nice and neat. As well as this it meant that I would be able to  find the clips from the various different shoots with ease as they would have all been previously labeled and stored in a safe place.
  3. Drag Video Only – This skill was extremely useful to have learnt. This skill allowed me to drag only video clips, without sound onto the tracks. This was useful as it meant that I did not have  to spend a lot of time editing the sound out of the tracks as it was already done for me, meaning my editing could be very time efficient.
  4. List View – The use of this skill was very important as it meant that I could see certain clips that I had renamed. For example if I wanted to find an important clip and I had named it, it meant that it would allow me to find that clip as its name would stand out from the rest of the clips.

What went well?

  • I think that the neatness of the work space meant that I was able to maximize my editing ability which made me become more time efficient.
  • The use of labeling the clips meant that we didn’t have to spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to find the perfect clips as we already knew where they were, also allowing for us to be more productive and time efficient with our editing.
  • I think that the use of the razor tool and cutting the clips down to make them shorter and link in with the music worked very well and was very effective in making the music video look very professional.

Better if?

  • I was better at using effects and filters to allow a variety of different shades and tinges within the clips, to add to the eeriness of the narrative and genre.
  • I was better at syncing the clip to the sound to allow the video to look more realistic, and add a professional vibe to it.
  • I was able to understand how to enhance the light in order to make some of the clips brighter, so that there was better exposure on the main singer, making it easier to see them clearly.
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