Music Video

Audience Ideologies

What was the task? This task saw us having to create a typical audience profile, that would suit our genre of music. We had to include all the typical information that would be present, such as most common gender,age etc.

What did the task teach me? This task has taught me what the necessary ingredients would be in order for me to attract my target audience. As well as this it allowed me to understand why these things would be necessary and the effects that it would have on making my website and digipak more suited to my target audience.

When will I use this? I will use this information when making my digipak and my website as it will allow me to pinpoint all the valid information that will help attract the target audience. As well as this it explains to me how I will use this information and the effect it will have.

Music Video Draft 4

Below you would be able to see our 4th draft of our Music Video, Charlemagne by the Blossoms.

Whats Changed?

  • Within the narrative we have removed some of the narrative clips which made it harder to understand. By doing this we included more performance clips throughout the video.
  • We also added some new effects within the draft. One for example would be the use of crop. This allowed us to show two shots within the same one clip, which worked well when trying to portray certain parts of the narrative and the performance at the same time.
  • We moved some of the clips around in the video. We did this in order for us to be able to introduce the band earlier on in the video, as well as this we moved some of the narrative clips around as they didn’t flow very well with one another.

Comments from Audience and Feedback

  • They believe that the variety of transitions and edits throughout the video were very successful.
  • As well as this they really liked the variety of different shots of the band and the band and the singer throughout.
  • Although they liked the variety they believe that some of the shots look like they are out of place, for example the multi shot of the drums and the guitar seemed off center.
  • As well as this they think that some of the Narrative might be difficult to understand at some points.
  • Finally they believe that the end of the video ends weirdly. They think that we should have our main star walking further towards the camera, or have it so it fades to black rather than just seeing him step to the side.

Targets for Improvement; 

  • One thing that I would like to improve would be the transitions between some of the narrative clips as some of the cuts look quite jumpy.
  • Another target would be for us to make the narrative easier to understand throughout the video. This is because a lot of people don’t understand the meaning behind the narrative and what we might be trying to portray throughout.
  • As well as this I think that some of the lip syncing might be marginally off which is something that we could improve on to make the video that tiny bit better.
  • Finally I think that there is some shots that we should put Warp Stabilizer on, this is to reduce any small amounts of shaking just to make the video flow better.

Feedback from teacher

Summary of Feedback; 

From this feedback we have established that we need to introduce a variety of different shots earlier in the video. Especially of the band. This is because we introduce all the members of the band too late into the video. As well as this we established that the performance part of the video should be sped up so that it doesn’t look too slow. As well as this we determined that we should re-order, and make some of the shots longer as they look a bit out of place. Finally we determined that we should add some colour correction to the video where the colour of our main stars face is changing.

Targets from Feedback;

  • One of our main targets would be to re-order some of the shots we have got as they seem like they might be out of place, for example the walking shot at the start.
  • Another target would be to introduce the band to the video earlier as all of the good shots of the band come in a lot later, which means we don’t fully meet them til the end.
  • We need to introduce a larger variety of shots earlier into the video to ensure that all of the clips don’t look the same at the start of the video.
  • We need to see the main star for longer at the start of the video to ensure we get to know him better and understand what he’s like.
  • Finally we need to add colour correction to parts of the video where the main stars face is changing colour to show it in a more obvious manor.

Music Video Draft 3

Below you will be able to see our third draft of our Music Video ‘Charlemagne’ by the Blossoms.

Whats Changed?

  • One of the main thing that has changed throughout the video would be the use of effects. We have added a large variety of effects in order for us to help portray our narrative meaning better.
  • As well as this we have added some new, different clips into the video to add a bit more context meaning it’s not as confusing.

Below you will be able to see 5 comments from audience and peers about the music video, and what they think we could do to improve.

My targets for improvement would be;

  • One thing that we would try tom improve would be editing on the beat. This would be to ensure that the video doesn’t cut on random parts of the song making it seem choppy throughout.
  • Another target would be to ensure that we include more fishbowl throughout the narrative section of the video. This would be to show the direct contrast between the castle’s entrapment and the entrapment of the fishbowl.
  • Another target would be to ensure that the narrative is obvious and has a meaning, for example not just putting random clips in because they look cool.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We had Lenny and Elliott come into our media lesson to have them help us and give suggestions on how we could improve our work. Some of the things they said could include;

  • Use warp stabilize effect. This would be to allow us to minimize any shakes we have got in the clips which would allow the video to flow more smoothly.
  • They also said we should make it very clear what meaning we are trying to portray through the narrative. He used the question ‘what is the point of a shot being in the video if it doesn’t mean anything?’
  • They told us we should nest our sequences in order for us to make them easier to manage.
  • How to use adjustment layers to add effects, for example vignette.
  • They said we should create bins to to make our shots more organised and less cluttered, as this would increase our workflow.
  • They also said that we should only use one of two effects rather than experimenting with loads of different ones. This would be to keep the consistency throughout the video. They also said make sure that you don’t use an effect for more than one location you have taken shots in, for example if you were to use certain effect on the performance you cannot use the same effect on the narrative.


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Above you will be able to see the second draft of our music video, ‘Charlemagne’ which includes narrative. We have been able to follow our storyboard as this has allowed us to ensure that the narrative is as planned throughout the video. I feel as if some of the things that went well might have been;

  • The use of narrative and performance – I think that the transitions between the narrative and the performance worked really well and flowed very smoothly. This meant that we were able to make the video look as professional as possible, and the clips didn’t look out of place.
  • the narrative in relation to the song – I think that the use of the narrative worked well within the lyrics of the song, as the idea of the narrative worked matched the lyrics within the song, meaning there was no confusion between the narrative and the song throughout.
  • The use of lip syncing – I think that the lip syncing throughout was phenomenal, as it meant that the video looked very professional and there was no parts where the model was singing but there was no singing in the song. This meant that the video looked very realistic and worked very well.
  • Variety of camera angles – I think that the use of camera angles in our video was very key. This is because different camera angles may portray different meanings. For example at the start of the video we used low angle shots which might’ve portrayed his power, but as the narrative went on we used high angle shots, which is showing that he might be losing all of his power.
  • Framing – I think that the variety of framing throughout our music video was very successful, through the use of lines within the clip, as well as background and positioning of the model, it allowed us to help portray star image, and give a really clear idea of setting throughout the video.

However, I also believe that there were some aspects of the music video that could have been improved, for example;

  • Stability of the camera – In some of the shots the camera was shaking which means that the clip might have come in and out of focus as it was moving. This takes away from any professionalism from within the video.
  • Overlapping clips – Some of the clips within the video overlap one another meaning they cut the clip short and make it end abruptly. This means that it may make the video feel like something might be missing as it moves on very quickly.

In order to improve we need to;

  • Ensure that the camera is always completely stable when recording the clip to allow the video to look as professional as possible.
  • Reduce any overlapping clips to a minimal amount, meaning that the video would flow a lot smoother and look a lot better in the long run.
  • I think that another thing we could work on in order to improve our final performance would be editing pace and editing to the beat. This would allow for much smoother transitions throughout the video and it would look more professional as the clips would change in time to the beat of the music.
  • Finally I think we need to make it look more like a music video. In order to do this I think we need to make it obvious that the narrative has relation to the lyrics of the song, and that there is a set theme throughout the video. This will allow the audience to understand the music video better, and might make them more intrigued in watching it again.

Apart from these minor mistakes I believe that our second draft of our music video was very successful and we are making a lot of good progress towards our final product. As well as this I think the inclusion of the narrative was very successful into our music video as it added a lot of context to the story, which is good. Once we have addressed these small issues, I believe that our video will become a lot easier to watch, and will make the video look far better.

Narrative Storyboard

The Post-It Notes read top to bottom on each individual image, starting with yellow to green.

Above you would be able to see our starboard for our narrative shoot that we are going to do. This has been really helpful for us as it means we have been able to plan out what shots we are going to need to take and how the story will progress as well as the shots. The use of the storyboard allowed us to plan how the narrative is going to progress and how the shots might work together in order to create a good meaning.

Personally I believe that our narrative follows the structure of Todorov’s narrative. According to the Todorov theory of narrative, there are 5 stages in which it can go through. These 5 stages include things such as an equilibrium, which is where everything seems normal at the start of the narrative. After this you then get a disruption which causes the equilibrium to become unstable. This then has to be recognised in order for them to attempt to repair the damage caused which would then allow them to restore a new equilibrium within the narrative.

I think that this will have a successful impact on my music video as it would keep the audience engaged with the video, and means they might want to re-watch the video over and over.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

For our narrative shoot, we decided that we were going to use two different locations within the shoot. We decided that these two locations were going to be Vale Castle, and my house. We decided these two locations because we thought that they would work perfectly for trying to portray the idea of entrapment. As well as this, we chose my house as this is where the fish were, and we had a good wall that we would be able to shoot the shot in front of. We helped this through the use of our Mise-En-Scene to ensure that every little detail was spot on and nothing would look out of place. We decided to make a list of all the props and equipment we were going to need as in some shots a lot of props were crucial to allow it to look successful. For example we had to ensure that we had a fish bowl, a castle for the fish bowl, green food dye, a bowl to mix the food dye and a spoon, as this all created/added to the evil and eerie vibe we were going for.

What went well?

  • We were very prepared for what we needed to do as we ensured that we had all the necessary props at the right place, which meant there was minimal stress when going to record the shoot.
  • We had done a lot of research on the genre that we were trying to portray which meant that the mise-en-scene throughout the video was very accurate.
  • We got a wide variety of shots including close-ups, extreme close ups, long-shots, mid-shots, high angles, low angles, which would leave us a lot of different shots and footage to play around with.
  • We considered the location when thinking about Mise-En-Scene as it was very key in helping portray the genre and thoughts attached with the narrative.

Even better if?

  • We needed to make sure that we had the correct battery for the camera as this meant that we had lost a lot of time that we could have spent recording.
  • We also should have done more clips of our model walking around the castle as this would have added more continuity into the video, allow us more footage to play around with.
  • We should have ensured that we allowed more time to do other shots before using the face paint as this meant that we weren’t able to do any more shots after we used the face paint.

Narrative Development

We filled our a narrative sheet which gave us a vague idea of what our narrative structure was going to be, what it was going to be about, whats props we might need, and who are models were going to be. This planning document allowed us to determine what the key moments within the narrative were going to be, which allowed us to fully plan how we wanted to film the shots, and what the important parts were. As well as this it allowed us to understand what the type of narrative was which meant that we would be able to stick to this, and not go off track, keeping it the same narrative throughout the video. This document will help impact our product because it means that we are able to stick to the typical conventions of our narrative, which would help to add a professional feeling to the video. It would also help our product as it would keep the viewers engaged within the video, meaning they would not become bored of watching it, which might allow them to want to read it again.

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Above you would be able to see the rough cut of our first draft for our Music Video.

Self Assessment 

Personally, I think that this draft didn’t come out too badly. Throughout the video we used a wide range of edits which allowed us to make the video look more professional and eye catching to the viewer. We did this through the use of blur, for example which brought the star into focus which adds quite a powerful vibe to the clip. We did a lot of experimentation with a lot of different effects which would be useful when presenting our complete and final draft in the future.Some of these effects included things such as different filters within different shots as this allowed us to make them seem more vibrant. As well as this I think that some of the clips throughout the video are very effective in portraying emotion throughout the video. I think that the variety of different shots throughout the video were also very effective throughout the video. As well as this I think that the use of cuts on the beat of the music worked well and was very effective. Although throughout the video there were times where we couldn’t find any suitable footage which meant that we had to fill it in with quite a boring clip, which meant that the viewers might lose focus on the video. I also think that the lip syncing from the model was excellent and made the video seem very professional. 

Targets for improvement 

  • One target would be to make sure that the lip syncing was more obvious throughout the video. This would allow the video to look as realistic as possible.
  • Another target would be to ensure that the lighting and focus in the video is as clear and as clean as it can be. In order to do this we would have to check the shots before we filmed them as once we had filmed them there was nothing we could do to change them.
  • As well as this I think that we need to sync up the music better with the performance. This would be to ensure that the video
  • Looking back on footage I realized that we were lacking close ups within the video. If we had these they could have been useful in covering up the parts of the song where nothing was really happening.
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