Component 3

Digipak Draft 2

This is our second draft of our digipak, as you might be able to notice we haven’t made any improvements to the front and the back panes, although we have added two inside panes to our digipak which help bulk the product, although we haven’t had the chance to edit them yet.

The Front Pane:

The Inside Left Pane:

The Inside Right Pane:

The Back Pane:

Teacher Screen Castify:

Targets For Improvement:

  • Liquify the background on the front pane more in order to make it more obvious/consistent
  • Try and fill all of the empty space present on the front pane, so it doesn’t look too bare/boring
  • Try to make it more personal for the audience, have something which gets them more involved within the digipak, allowing them to relate to it
  • Inside panes are boring, possible glasses across both pains with reflection of 504 or Gateway Timeout
  • Possibly cut out the tree on the back pane in order to make it more relevant to the genre, possibly doing more colour correction allowing it to be conventional to the genre and star image.
  • Make sure the back pane is conventional with the use of the song timings as might not be completely conventional to the genre.
  • Make the pictures more crisp, trying to reduce the creases within the shirt on the front pane.


Digipak Draft 1

Below you will be able to see the very first draft of our digipak with the front and back panes. For a first draft I believe that they were successful although the front pane is quite minimalist, although the back pane is very successful. I believe that the use of font, colour, mise-en-scne and type faces all work well in helping to portray the genre.

The Front Pane:

The Back Pane:

Production Skills Evaluation 3

As we have begun our newest media product it is important to highlight all of the new skills and techniques that I have learnt in order to make the work as good as it could possibly be, and allow it to fit my genre.

One of the new key skills in which I have learnt during this project is the Liquify effect on Photoshop. The use of the Liquify effect was extremely useful when creating our digipaks as it allowed us to create a distorted image for our background. The use of this effect also meant that we were able to fit it into our genre, as it allowed us to represent star image and genre in a better manner. The use of the effect allowed us to create a ripple across the background, as well as blurring the image, allowing for and edgy, alternative vibe to the digipak, thus fitting our genre.

Another useful skill that I learnt when creating this product would be the transform tool. The transform tool was crucial when creating the front pane of our digipak as it meant that we were able to flip our image around, meaning that the main star image went from the left of the page to the right. This meant that we were able to fit in all the necessary information within the digipak without it looking too clustered, meaning that it fit the typical conventions of a digipak, as well as fitting our genre, and helping to represent our star image.

Contact Sheet

Below you would be able to see our contacts sheets from the shoot with did for our digipak. Overall I believe that the shoot was successful, although there would also be some room for improvements throughout the shoot. In some of the pictures we have got the light over exposed which means they look too bright, whereas some are under exposed, meaning too dark. Finally the use of Mise-En-Scene was successful and fitted our genre very well.

Shoot Evaluation

When deciding the location for our shoot for our Digipak, we decided that the shoot would take place at my grans house, which has a large lake, as well as a lot of greenery around, which allowed us to link the images to our genre, as well as star image.

What went well?

  • I think that the use of the different angles within the shoot went really well, through the use of high angle shots and low angle shots which allowed us to show power within the images
  • I think another thing that went well within the shoot is the variety of shots, for example close ups, mid shots, long range shots worked really well as they all allowed us to use different images, and gave us a large variety of options when choosing the final pictures
  • As well as this, I think that the use of background within the images was key, for example the lake in the background, the trees etc etc

What did not go so well?

  • One thing that did not go so well is the fact that some of the pictures came across as blurry which means we would not be able to use these pictures as our final production as they were out of focus
  • As well as this the use of lighting within some of the pictures, meant that the pictures were over/under exposed, causing them to be too bright.
  • Finally as we did not use a tripod it meant that there was some shake on some of the images, further increasing the blur present within them.

What would we change next time?

  • We would ensure to check that the camera is steady meaning there is blurriness
  • We would also try ensure that the lighting used is no to vibrant meaning you can’t see what is in the picture
  • Finally we would make sure that all of the camera settings are set in order to reduce blurriness within the image, meaning all of the pictures are used effective.

Website Terminology

To ensure that I am aware of the technical forms that are conventional within a website I decided to look at the ‘Blossoms’ website, which is the band we decided to make our music video on. When describing this website I would use words such as Imaginative, extravagant and transparentThis task will help me when I come to make my own website as it allows us to understand the conventional and unconventional aspects which will help fit into our Indie Pop/Rock genre. As well as this it would allow me to encode certain things which suit the genre, which then allow the audience to decode the meanings, as well as allowing it to meet the Blumler and Katz Theory.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting Agenda and Risk Assessment

Below you would be able to see our Production Meeting Agenda and Risk Assessment for our Digipak Photoshoot. We have made sure the shoot will be monitored correctly, reducing any risk of injured whilst taking the shoot. These  plans will ensure that we will be able to complete the shoot effectively and fluently.

Digipak Collage and Hand Drawn Mockup

As a group we want to try and incorporate nature within our digipak, highlighting the use of blue colours, as this seems to be a recurring theme throughout Indie Pop digipaks. Furthermore we want our Star to stand out, hence the use of the vibrant, and bright colours within our collage, as we feel this would represent the sort of colours we are tying to portray. As well as this it would help to portray the Star Image. The use of font within our digipak would be very bold, in a block form, as this will attract the viewers to this as it would be obvious. We also plan on using a tree as the main prop within the digipak as we believe we would be able to use the obscure shapes to do this.

Below you will be able to see our collage that we made.

This is a mock up of the front cover of our digipak.

The main image I want to try and incorporate will be the main star around a tree. The idea of this is to try and use to random shape of the tree in a way which suits the genre. As well as this I want to use my model on different parts of the tree, whether this is them leaning against it, lying on it, or hanging from it to try and portray a set mood, which will suit the star image as well as fit in with the genre.

This is a mock up of the back cover for our digipak.

Digipak Moodboard

This is my digipak moodboard where I have compiled my initial ideas that will go into our digipak. In this digipak I have made sure to include a variety of different colours, locations, fonts and images which will all help to represent the genre, as well as suit the star image we are trying to portray.

Made with Padlet

Digipak Conventions Analysis

This is my analysis of my Digipak, in which I chose the album ‘Cool Like You’ by Blossoms, as it has got a very unique style and fits the type of genre that I am focusing on. When analyzing the Digipak I had to focus on certain aspects which all convey something to the audience such as colours, fonts, framing, imagery, design, and finally language. Having analyzed this piece of work it has taught me all the necessary ingredients that will need to be present in order for me to make the best possible Digipak.

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