Website Draft 2

This is the second draft of our website in which we have changed certain aspects to ensure that they are more suited to our star image, genre and branding ideas.

Feedback From Teacher

Targets for Improvement

  • Include Digipak within the website
  • Add a news section/gossip in order to get the audience interacting with the website
  • Allow the audience to understand where to buy the tickets from within the tour page
  • Possibly create a Gallery page with pictures of the band having fun etc etc
  • Include the Video
  • Add different album covers
  • Link to the music

Website Draft 1 Self Assessment

Below you will be able to see our first draft of our website. I believe that for a first draft it went very successfully, as the website is very pleasing on the eye, and very accessible. As well as this it suits our genre well, highlighting the conventions that would be necessary for an Indie Rock Magazine.

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Below you can see the flowchart and template for the website of our star.

Audience interaction with a website analysis

This is a screencastify by my group where we analysed the Blossoms website and how to understand how the band would interact with the website. We used the Blumler and Katz theory to try and understand how it gives them a Personal Identity, Social Interaction, Information and Entertainment as well as using AIDA which is attraction, interest, desire and call to action. By analysing the same Genre of a website, which is Indie Rock, meaning we would be able to understand the typical conventions within the Genre, allowing us to make our magazine as successful/conventional as possible.

Website Terminology

To ensure that I am aware of the technical forms that are conventional within a website I decided to look at the ‘Blossoms’ website, which is the band we decided to make our music video on. When describing this website I would use words such as Imaginative, extravagant and transparentThis task will help me when I come to make my own website as it allows us to understand the conventional and unconventional aspects which will help fit into our Indie Pop/Rock genre. As well as this it would allow me to encode certain things which suit the genre, which then allow the audience to decode the meanings, as well as allowing it to meet the Blumler and Katz Theory.

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