Evaluation of Web Design Application

In order to make our Websites for out star we have called a website called Wix which is a cloud based web development platform. Wix has provided us with a great basis for us to start out website, and although it has a lot of confusing aspects to it, is quite simple to use once you have got your head around it. As we have developed out website we have gained many new skills such as:

1. Add Tool 

The add tool was a very useful tool within Wix. This tool was very useful as it allowed us to add pre-made pages onto the website. This meant that we were able to add pages such as a Contact page or a News page for example. It meant that we had a pre-made basis in place, which allowed us to expand, on the website, and us finite details to ensure that the website fitted our star image, genre and branding ideas.

2. Manage Apps 

The manage apps tool was extremely useful when creating our website. This meant that we had a quick and easy way to navigate around all of the different pages within the website meaning that the editing of the website was as efficient as possible, minimising the time it takes us to create the website, allowing for more time to focus on all of the small details within the website. As well as this it gave us the opportunity to change the template in which that certain part of the website had.

3. Section Design 

This skill was extremely useful. The use of this skill meant that we are able to change the design of certain aspects of the website. In doing this it meant that we were able to ensure that the website completely helped to portray our star image as well as the branding in which we were trying to represent. Most importantly it meant that we were able to fit it to our genre, through the various use of section designs that are already pre-set.

Question 3: So… How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

Risk Assessment!

The idea of this task was to make our own risk assessment. In doing this it allowed us to understand all of the dangers and safety hazards that we might come across whilst we are off the school site. It also allows us to understand how we can avoid such problems and stay safe throughout the day.

Draft One With Reflections

This is my first draft cover for my music magazine named “Swift” This magazine front cover has included my masthead that I created as well one of the images from my photo shoot. To create this front cover I had to use Indesign and Photoshop.

Student Assessment: Harry Torode

What Genre of Music is that magazine featuring:  From the masthead I am told that the magazine is of a pop genre however I feel that the fonts used covey for of a rock/alternative vibe.

Describe the front cover star using adjectives – their star image? The front cover star is edgy, stylish and well dressed. the tattoos are clear and well designed and provide another factor towards the star image. The microphone helps to further convey the genre.

Are there areas where the integration and copy is distracting? There isn’t any features which partially distract the viewer, the magazine is well laid out and therefore it is clear and easy to read.

What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional? The magazines design is very conventional, the mastheads and plugs are in the right places, this helps the magazine to look professional and gives a high level of finish

Summary – From Harry’s comments I now know what I need to improve.

  • His comments say that the magazine does convey the genre, although I need to change the font as it looks more like rock/alternative.
  • I also want to try and fill up more of the space to make sure there isn’t as much blank space.
  • I will also need to take photos that I can put as my insets.
  • I think another area of improvement could be the colour of the font and writing underneath it.

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