September 20

My image that uses Mis-En-Scene to communicate meaning

In order to understand how Mis-En-Scene communicates meaning we were put into groups and given a genre of music to interpret. Our group was given Punk Rock and we made a mood board to gather information about this type of music so that we could understand how to portray certain genres which will help us create our music magazine.

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We had to use one member of the group as a model to dress up in the wardrobe of a typical Punk Rock fan. In order to do this we made sure that our model was dressed in lots of dark colours and chains with studded jewelry and bold makeup such as black lipstick. The idea was to give off a defiant vibe and rebellious feel.

In this image people were asked to stick post it notes with words they associated the models look with and what they thought the described the vibe the model gave off. The words people had written were:

  •  Individual
  • Angry
  • Rebellious
  • Intimidating
  • dangerous

This exercise was useful because could successfully continue with our work knowing that we had effectively captured the image of Punk Rock in our model.

I think that this image most accurately represents the Punk Rock image because in the image the model is seen as rebellious and yet carefree. To create this image we dressed our model in:

  •  A leather jacket to give the impression that he is ungovernable and unruly.
  • Studded jewellery to show how obvious and edgy Punk Rock fans are.
  • Chains around his neck to imply a threatening and anarchistic nature.
  • We used a hat because it signifies obedient behavior which is ironic because Punk Rock fans are usually disobedient and rebellious.
  •  The sunglasses we put on the model were effective because they covered his face evoking a sense of quiet cool and mystery.
  •  We used black lipstick to make the model stand out because the colour is dark and therefore often used by Punk Rock fans because of its boldness.

These conventions made it easier to develop our production.

In some images we used an electric guitar as a prop because it reinforces the fact that Punk Rock fashion is derived from the loud and fast-paced music.

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