July 3

Test Shoots

Using premiere pro we filmed our performer lip syncing our chosen song in the white studio with different angles and distances. We then added effects and transitions to develop the video; by doing so we were able to have a play around and learn what we need to do better and what we like.


  • Change some transitions so they are more subtle yet effective
  • Add in various angels like high and low angles
  • Use different camera movement techniques like pan
  • Performer needs to speak slower
  • Make sure camera is in complete focus all the time
  • Get more random shots without singing to add in for silences
  • We were aiming to portray the performer in a simple manor while keeping the audience interested
  • We needed more coverage of angles, framing and movement and this has become obvious to us from our footage
  • To covey star image we are going to concentrate on MES, we need to consider how energy and facial expressions and how they convey her message/emotion

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