January 28

A new Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Above my my new and improved pages of my magazine.

Targets to improve:

Front cover:

  • Add some dimension with a drop shadow to the yellow box behind the masthead
  • Check the line spacing
  • Add in more names along the bottom and on the left side
  • Change the “frutti” part of the mast head to the colours used on the contents page


  • Separate the columns and images with boarders
  • Give a page number for the double page spread
  • Put another plug in near the top of the page
  • Make the headlines upper case and extra information lower case

Double page spread

  • Make background smaller to show off more of the design
  • Make title bigger
  • Add boarders to photos to make them stand out
  • Move the caption of the main cover star to make it clearer
January 28




Above are some adverts I have selected to go in my magazine. I chose them because they fit my audience demographic.  I aim to reach out to middle aged members of society who appreciate older music even though they live in modern day society. I used my audience dating profile that I created to remind myself how to attract my target audience. They are good because

  • They have a strong 1950’s vibe to them, with Audrey Hepburn on the contemporary MacDonald’s advert who was a huge style and fashion icon during this time.
  • They are energetic and vibrant and which fits my narrative.
  • They don’t contain too much writing and so are easy to read and they feature modern day advertising for apps that give an element of pop to my work.
January 28

So…How is it going?

Transferable skills:

  • Transferable skills are those that you develop as you progress through employment, education or training.

Transferable skills I have learnt…

  •  Critical analysis: I’ve had to ask for feedback on my work and take into account the feedback to improve my work
  • Communication: I have had to communicate with my models to make sure I could take photos and ensure they had the correct costumes, and I have had to communicate with my teacher to receive feedback and also discuss ideas for my magazine
  • Managing time: I’ve also learnt how to manage my time effectively, for example setting times for photo shoots and making sure not to waste time so that the shoots could be completed
  • Teamwork: I’ve learnt how to work in a team and share out tasks, such as bringing in costumes and being a model

So far, I think there are many aspects of my magazine that have gone really well. For example:

  • The outcome of my first photo shoot was good and helped to make my magazine look sharp and fitted the genre.
  • My masthead design is very fitting to my narrative

However there are a couple of things to improve upon:

  • I need to add in some rockabilly icons on my contents page and front cover to keep my chosen genre clear to my audience
  • I also need to make some of the writing clearer on my double page spread as the background makes it difficult to read
January 24

Design Skills 2

I used a variety of tools on in design  in order to create unique effects on my pages to make my magazine stand out.

I used the circle text box frequently so that I could create vinyl themed bullet points to add to my narrative of 1950’s Rock and Roll.

The fx tool allowed me to create modern effects and add them to my magazine which was important because I needed to convey an element of pop to modernise my theme. I also used tools such as the gradient tool to add colour  to the my images of my models to help portray my genre. I chose colours and effects after studying the demographics of my target audience in order to grab their attention.

January 23

Complete Magazine Draft

What went well:

  • Masthead is good
  • Good star image
  • Effective leopard background on the front cover
  • Well-known 50’s artists, easily recognized
  • Catchy cover lines nice image and columns
  • Good idea to use fruity background in double page spread
  •  Quotes work well on double page spreads



Front cover:

  • Masthead needs to have more of a 50’s vibe, maybe add a block colour behind it
  • “Facts” could be removed and just keep the word “exclusive
  • Change the names of artists on the front to shorter names for clarity
  • Another colour to be added to keep it interesting

 Contents page:

  • Use tutti frutti font on the contents page so that it carries on the theme from the front cover
  • Make headlines and layout more interesting by using block colours
  • Center cover lines to add energy, use upper and lower case letters
  • Crop images to just Adelaide and more rock and roll imagery to be embedded
  • Images of old fashioned things like guitars

Double page spread:

  • Fix the quote line spacing
  • Make dress fabric image in the background smaller, use the cherry as a logo for tutti frutti on front cover
  • Make image of her bigger or crop it
  •  Make headline bigger, make sure it doesn’t go across the fold
  • Change the layout of the images

Screen castify



January 23

A new Improved Contents Page

Above is my new and improved contents page. I have made sure to keep the colour scheme for my writing the same as my scheme for the double page spread so that the writing is clear and the colours don’t get too messy, although I outlined the pastel coloured writing in black because otherwise the colours faded into the background. I have changed the bottom image and added a colourful gradient to keep an element of pop to my magazine and also made sure that where my magazine title is mentioned, the same font and colours have been used as the ones on the front page. Below is the peer feedback I received.