January 24

Design Skills 2

I used a variety of tools on in design  in order to create unique effects on my pages to make my magazine stand out.

I used the circle text box frequently so that I could create vinyl themed bullet points to add to my narrative of 1950’s Rock and Roll.

The fx tool allowed me to create modern effects and add them to my magazine which was important because I needed to convey an element of pop to modernise my theme. I also used tools such as the gradient tool to add colour  to the my images of my models to help portray my genre. I chose colours and effects after studying the demographics of my target audience in order to grab their attention.

December 17

Design Skills 1

In order to create a good quality and eye catching magazine cover I used Photoshop and Indesign to help improve my images and become more creative with them.

Here are some tools I used on Indesign to help achieve desired results:

Above is a gradient tool that I was able to use to add the effect to the background image. In order to help the red stand out to convey my 1950’s theme I had to make the pink leopard print background paler.

I also used the line tool to add dimension to my poster to make it more eye-catching and help the writing stand out so that my audience would be more interested in my magazine.

I used the fx tool to help the lines become opaque and blend in to the page, I was able to change the opacity of the lines precisely by changing the percentage.

Before I uploaded my image to Indesign I used Photoshop to help perfect my image.

I used the spot healer tool to help make my model look flawless and have a smooth complexion for my magazine cover.

I also used the dodge tool to whiten things such as the eyes and teeth in order to perfect my model and the burn tool to darken the red clothing and lips to represent her star image as a rockabilly.

Using these tools I have been able to represent my chosen genre because I have added retro effects such as a faded background image to my poster, and darkened colours such as red which helps convey my chosen narrative.

October 21

So…I’m ready to make some media!

In order to create a unique and well-presented magazine cover, we were shown how to use Photoshop and InDesign by experts. Without this help I wouldn’t not have been able to make an eye-catching poster and it helped me to learn how to cut and edit in more detail than I knew how to do before the lessons.

When creating my magazine I need to bear in mind the four uses of Gratification by Blumler and Katz because they will help me decide on how to effectively convey information on my Cover.

  • Entertainment
  • Social Interaction
  • Personal Identity
  • Information.

In order to make my magazine clear and attention grabbing i need to make sure I correctly include the following:

  • Camera
  • MES,
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • AIDA

I have done research into my target audience as it is vital that I am able to understand how to layout my magazine so that it appeals to them. I need to make sure I use an appropriate cover star as well as minimal types of font. I also need to lay my poster out so that the writing can be easily seen against the background image.

September 29

So…How can an image communicate meaning?

In order to draw the audience into an image and make them focus on the narrative, models need to be strategically placed and look eye catching as just changing the settings on a camera will not help to produce an effective image to portray a narrative.

There are various ways in order to make an image communicate meaning:

  • Change the distance from which the shot is taken to portray different emotions and surroundings; for example close up shots can be used to show emotion.
  • Use specific makeup on the model to represent who they are or where they come from and create specific denotations that link to connotations about the character.
  • Put the model in different positions to convey their feelings; for example sit against a wall if they are sad.
  • Use different lighting to convey mood

These ways will help me make an eye-catching magazine that clearly portrays a narrative.

These rules effect how photos and videos are taken and are different ways to draw an audience in:

  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Depth of Field
  • Contrast & Texture
  • Lead Room