July 16

Design Skills 1

By using Lumetri colour we were able to make our shots more eye-catching and bright, helping to convey the performer as vibrant and strong. We used a variety of different colours and used our own that we had created on the wheel to add authenticity.

July 16

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

For our first shoot, we used the white studio to focus on getting clear shots of lip-syncing to the words of the song and also to help certain types of mise-en-scene to stand out such as a blue top and pink eye shadow.  We got used to using different angles to keep the audience interested in the video which we found that we could also translate into filming out of the studio.

After thinking it through we decided that studio shots weren’t enough to keep our audience satisfied, so we decided that taking some shots outside such as on the common or in an urban area for contrast, such as in town, would be a good idea. This is also because by taking the shots outside of the studio we realized we could use more dramatic long shot and mid shots as well as incorporate more interactive features in the video.

July 3

Star Image – The Performer

The meta narrative of our star image is helpful to know as it is important to represent an image to the audience as it constructs her beliefs and values. We want to follow this so it appeals to our target audience. 

Our main purpose of the music video is to promote the star, sell their music, and make as much money as possible.

Richard Dyer talks about the paradox of the star and how a star image is made up of an artist appearing extraordinary yet ordinary and relatable at the same time.

This is a canva we created portraying the star image of our artist, which includes key words which describe her. We want her to come across and friendly to attract and welcome an audience, bold and vibrant using colourful clothing and accessories to make her stand out, and positive and self-assured to make sure the audience see how confident she is in her song. This will help us to interpret her as energetic and relevant to modern pop culture.

July 3

Test Shoots

Using premiere pro we filmed our performer lip syncing our chosen song in the white studio with different angles and distances. We then added effects and transitions to develop the video; by doing so we were able to have a play around and learn what we need to do better and what we like.


  • Change some transitions so they are more subtle yet effective
  • Add in various angels like high and low angles
  • Use different camera movement techniques like pan
  • Performer needs to speak slower
  • Make sure camera is in complete focus all the time
  • Get more random shots without singing to add in for silences
  • We were aiming to portray the performer in a simple manor while keeping the audience interested
  • We needed more coverage of angles, framing and movement and this has become obvious to us from our footage
  • To covey star image we are going to concentrate on MES, we need to consider how energy and facial expressions and how they convey her message/emotion
June 22

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

In this exercise we looked at the type of camera angles Ella Eyre as well as pop stars from a similar genre use in their music videos. This is so that when it comes to filming we can look back and take ideas from the videos. We have learnt that
  • Close up shots will be perfect to convey an emotion
  • Mid shots will need to be used to show body language
  • Long shots are what we can use to show a big area to show the setting
  • Different genres of music have different conventions that they may choose to stick by, for example many of Ella Eyre’s songs have fast past camera angles that reflect the energy of her songs
  • We need to make sure that our video conforms to the repertoire of Ella Eyre’s sings so that our performance is believable but we also have to keep the content unique so that we don’t replicate the original videos
Made with Padlet
June 18

Pitch + Feedback


Positive areas:

  • Decided to do it in an industrial setting to reflect society
  • We decided on outfits and colour scheme
  • Decided Alice will be in performance and narrative but will be cautious that she needs to film as well
  • Got a good narrative idea which can send a message to the audience
  • We have found out what days work best for us so that we can meet to film

What to work on:

  • The ending needs to be clear of what we are trying to portray
  • Identify more places to film so that there can be more varied settings in the narrative
  • We need to think of ways that I can do some filming
  • We need to borrow a camera