Over the past few weeks in class, we have studied how to correctly use mise-en-scene and camera to connotes your branding ideas, in preparation for this photoshoot. Here are the techniques that I will use:


A Range of Camera angles, I will use a range of camera angles in my photoshoot to connote the aspects of the rap genre

A range of camera shots,  I will use a range of camera shots in my photoshoot, I will do this to convey a range of emotions on to the audience. An example of this would be a mid-shot to connote to the emotions consistent with the rap genre.


Costume and makeup,  I will use costume and makeup in my Photoshoot to convey to my target audience emotion and the aspects of my chosen genre rap.

Lighting, I will use lighting in my shoot to show my target audience the aspects of the rap genre that I have included in my photographs, I will also use lighting to convey my model’s emotion to my audience.