I have completed component one of A-level media, in which I designed a magazine known as ‘LO-FI’.  ‘LO-FI’ is a rap magazine which was predominantly based on the subgenre of Cloud Rap. To make the magazine I used my own editing and research.

During the research of my genre, I learnt about the importance of audience psychographics and demographics. Psychographics are audiences attitudes and interests. Whilst audience demographics are the socioeconomic characteristics of the audience, some examples would be age, sex, income and occupation. It is important to find out your audiences psychographics and demographics because it means that you can understand the needs of your audience.

I also learnt some editing skills from the use of a software called  Adobe Photoshop.  One of which was how to use the smudge tool, this tool allowed me to cover up parts of my images that I did not want to be seen on my final product. This resulted in my magazine having a more professional look.

Whilst in component one I have learnt a range of transferable, creative and technical skills. These skills will help me a lot in the future, I would not have been able to learn these skills if I had not taken Media Studies.

I have enjoyed component one, because it has been and because it has enabled me to add skills to my skillset. I cannot wait to see what the next component of this course has in store for me. Hopefully, it will be as educational and enjoyable as the last.