In this task, we had to work in groups to create our own short story that followed certain assessment criteria. My group’s story was about a relationship in which, one is fighting for the appreciation of the other. One example of the assessment criteria that we had to follow was it had to have an appropriate background song

To ensure we met the task criteria we used a range of shots and framing, these allowed us to convey our characters emotions and reactions to our audience. An example of a camera shot that we used would be a close-up which we used to show the range of emotions that our models were portraying.

If I was to film this again I would include more match on action shots and more close-up shots, so that the audience has a better understanding of what is happening in the story and the emotions of the characters. I would also have a more detailed storyboard so that we could plan the short film better and so that we could more efficiently produce it.

Some of the strengths in my short film are:

  • the variations of camera angle
  • the variation of shots
  • The use of reaction shots

Some weaknesses in my short film are:

  • The music
  • Some shots are slanted
  • Some of the shots used have a blur