This is a shoot evaluation for our narrative shoot, we recorded this in the school’s drama studio, we decided to record in this space due to the fact that it had a plain black background the helped to provide the correct connotations of our genre alternative rock. We also used props such as cardboard boxes and travel cases to showcase our intended storyline. To ensure that we had to time to record our shoots, we collected our props and equipment beforehand during our lunch. This enabled us to get the perfect shots for what we were trying to connote.


We got a wide range of shots and angles.

We followed our narratives continuity.

Our model had good mise-en-scene.

The location of the shoot suited our video perfectly. Our background was set-out how we envisioned it to be.


We took too long to get started, this was due to the fact that we did not have a clear plan of what we wanted our narrative shoot to include and what it was to convey.

The box that we used was broken and needed constant repair, to resolve this we should have planned for a problem like this and had a back-up box for the shoot.

One of the boards that we used to cover up a out of place radiotor caused us to be unable to film longshots, which inturn caused us to lose shots that we had planned to take.

These pros and cons will have an impact on me in future because they have taught me that to be efficient and effective when shooting it is important to go in with a set plan on what the shoot will entail, and who is doing what on the et.