During a class session, some of the team from Specsavers came in to give us advice and feedback on our music video products. We also had the opportunity to ask them questions on how to use features on PremierePro. The main question that my group had was how do we colour correct our content because of a camera error the majority of our shots from the performance shoot had a yellow tint that needed to be corrected. They told us that to correct this problem we needed to use a feature called ‘lumetri colour’. This feature allowed us to change the colour of each clip that we inputted so that we could match the lighting and colour. We then asked about split-screening, so that if we could create a side by side shot of our band and our narrative star. We thought that by adding this feature to it would help the audience to relate the songs lyrics to the story that we were trying to portray.

Some of the advice that we were given about our music video was:

  • Include more jump cuts at the beginning of the video to help give it more rhythm and pace.
  • Adjust the colouring of the shots to make it look edgier.
  • The narrative needs to be slowed down in certain parts to create more emphasizes.
  • more close-ups in the narrative shots.
  • Make her red lips bolder, by making them a more fluorescent red.
  • When she exits the box in her new persona, make the editing more frantic.

We then had the idea to add more effects to our video to help keep audience interest in the music video. After searching for an effect to use in our video we decided to use the glitch effect that we found on a youtube tutorial. the effect is done by stacking clips on top of each other and turning down the opacity of one of the clips and then offset it slightly. This became a running theme throughout our narrative.