It is important for us to come up with a mission statement because we need to have a clear understanding of our branding and product aims. We learnt that a mission statement should give a clear understanding of what makes that band unique. It also needs to say how their goals will be achieved and what we want our intended audience to think, it must state what our star image is. When thinking about how to reach our target audience to make us more successful we must think about integrated advertising. Meaning that we must combine lots of different types of advertising into one big ide to enable our consumer to have a better quality experience. We have designed a mission statement for our musician digipack, this mission statement was designed to entice the band’s target audience and shares the band’s values to their audience. These features enable the band to send a clearer message to the target audience and therefore help their brand.

Mission Statement:

VICE embodies the genre of alternative rock. They are a quirky but intense band and strive to share their music with the world. Their new album ‘Euphoria’ features their new hit single Black Sheep which topped charts throughout 2019, and would be perfect for fans of the band Metric and Nirvana. This all-girl band will change your reality with their psychedelic beats and liberate you from everything you think you know. VICE will be marketed through social media like Twitter and Instagram, and through the use of radio advertisement.