We made a collage and a hand-drawn mock-up that was created for our digipack. We made our collage following a colour theme of pinks, blues and oranges. We used pieces of paper and the idea of having the night sky looking over a mountain scenery with the sun and moon in tow. We did this to convey to the audience an air of fantasy and cosmic ideas.

After creating our collage, we made the decision to move forward with the idea of using a starry night background and the use of the sun and moon. We also decided to move forward with the idea of having a mountain range background.

Next, we made a mock-up version of our digipacks in which we included the decided themes, from the collage task. The First design of our front cover incorporates the idea of having a mountain range and a moon to showcase the ideals of beauty and cosmic. Wings were added to the design to add the theme of ethereal. For our mock-up of the back of our digipack, we decided to move forward with the idea of a feather to match the addition of wings to our mountain. The ripples around the feather are used to show the water hitting a body of water. The 3rd design is another idea that we had for our digipacks front cover in which it depicts a fallen angel surrounded by a starry night background.

We plan to produce these by using our own photography and will be edited on photoshop to create effects such as the mountain having wings.