To help us create a mystical looking background for our digipack, we decided to go for a starry night sky, due to its conventionality of the imagery to our genre of Alternative Rock. Although this did cause problems as the camera equipment we had could not take an image of the desired quality, so therefore we decided to create the image in photoshop using a tutorial.

This tutorial was a simple step by step that allowed us to create the desired background with our own custom colours. This was helpful because it meant that we could style the night sky to better fit the conventions of our genre. The final product that we ended up with looked like this.

We also decided to create a moon in photoshop to add to our starry night background. We chose to create this image instead of using our own photo because it would be too hard to take a good enough quality image of the moon, For our design, we decided to go with a half-moon crescent because it connotes to the audience a more mystifying mood than a full moon. Our end design looked like this.