These are my Production meeting agenda and risk assessment for my digipack shoot. The main focus for the shoot was to get images of a set of black angel wings or a model wearing a set of black angel wings so that we can use them in our digipack front cover. The location for the shot was the white studio in lesson 5&6 on a Wednesday afternoon. We chose to shoot in the white studio because it had a better contrast to our colour scheme this had the extra effect of enabling us to cut out the images easier when later inputted into photoshop. Another bonus of using the white studio for our shoot was the needed equipment was stored a short distance away, so transport was not a worry.

We made a Production Meeting Agenda (PMA), to ensure that the model-new when to arrive at the shoot location, what to bring how to look and to confirm who was bringing what to the shoot, and so that we could agree on a time and a location.


We created a risk assessment to ensure that we did not have any problems with safety and that our chosen area of filming did not have any hazards that we had not prepared for.