The skills that I learnt during the digipack task allowed me to have a high-class product that suited my intended genre of Alternative rock, the skills that I learnt where how to blend images into the background and how to use the puppet warp feature to bend images and add a curve to them.

I used the skill of blending images into backgrounds for the digipacks 2nd middle page in which I used an image of glowing feathers blended into my background. This feature is important to the middle panel because it makes the imagery more mystifying, which is one of the conventions of the Alternative rock genre.

I used the puppet warp feature to add a curve to an image of a feather that was is on the back page of my digipack. This feature was important because it allowed me to change the feathers direction and fix a problem with spacing. This allowed my groups back cover to have a more sleek and professional look.

By using these features, it has allowed my product to look sleek, professional and connote the conventions of my genre Alternative Rock. This is an important thing for my product to connote becuase it will improve my products audience attraction and satisfaction.