During our digipack shoot, we were able to take all of the needed photos to use in our digipack as well as a couple spares in case they where needed. Our main focus for the shoot was to get images of black angel wings which were provided by my partner Eve. This was our main focus because they were part of our plan to incorporate more of our genre Alternative Rock into our digipack. Although this was our main plan we decided to take some photos of a model wearing these wings incase of our main plan falling through.

To ensure that we had a wide range of images, we positioned our model into many stances whilst wearing the wings. We also had her wearing multiple costumes, some in bright colours such as white and others in dark colours, such as black. during the shoot, we realised that the wings we were using where to small and would have to be edited to be bigger and attached to our model in photoshop, so we took some photos of our model without her wearing the wings so that this was possible.


whilst looking back at the images that we had taken we realised that we should have set-up flash photography instead of having a constant light on in the studio, because of this some of our photos were ruined by bad lighting.

These are the best photos from the shoot:

Graphic Design:

To incorporate graphic design into our product we decided to create a starry night background, we did this to connote a mystical effect onto the audience of our product. We also decided to create a moon with our background to add to the intended effect.

These graphics were created through these of step by step tutorials that we located on youtube. these tutorials helped us because they only gave us basic direction so that we were allowed to put our own creative spin on our graphics.