These are my groups first draft of our digipack, front and back cover.  The dark wings represent a fallen angel (meaning an angel that has turned dark/ to the side of evil). We have decided to use this imagery because it is the complete opposite of our album name Euphoria, by doing this we are following the conventions of our chosen genre of Alternative Rock. Which is all about combating the norm.

The use of camera and Photoshop to take & manipulate engaging images.

We used a camera to take pictures of a pair of black wings to create the image. We used a white background in our photos to ensure that the colours didn’t clash when we tried to cut out the wings. Photoshop was used to create the starry night effect on both the front cover and the back cover. We also used it on the front cover to apply a purple filter to the wings and to add an outer glow to them.

The selection of mise-en-scene in the photos and the meaning it communicates.

The photo of the wings was used to convey happiness/pain, this is due to the fact of them being dark/black. These colours are commonly associated pain, death and evil, this is directly in conflict with the image of the wings which represent hope, life and good

The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and  use colour/typefaces

We used DTP to choose a typeface that conveyed the conventions of our chosen genre, it was also used during the texts integration by allowing us to apply a drop shadow to our text. This gives the effect of light to dark which conveys to the audience the implications of good vs evil.