This is my group second draft for the digipack, using the feedback received from the first draft we made changes to our digipack. The first thing we changed was the font of the front cover as we felt it was too girly and didn’t show our intent of having a sense edginess to the cover. We also did this change because it made it hard to tell what was the band’s name and what was the album name. For the first middle page, we decided to add a feathery background, with a navy tint in an attempt to relate it to this front cover. On the second middle page, we decided to have a blended image of the feathers onto the background to allow the starry background to show through. We also added two glowing feathers to outline the position in which the CD would be. Lastly, on the back pane, we added to spines with the albums name ‘Euphoria’.  We also used moved the text to follow the edge of the feather, to make the design more aesthetically pleasing.






Targets for development:

  • The font of the band name needs to be changed on the front page.
  • Try and remove the black outline around ‘euphoria’ to see if it looks better.
  • Experiment with moving ‘VICE’ bellow ‘Euphoria’ on the front cover.
  • Front and back panes are too different from the middle panes, edit the colour and or the number of stars in the background on the middle panes.
  • Edit or remove the moon.

By amending these targets, my product will have a more professional look, which will improve audience attraction to the product. It also complies with the needed conventions that ensure that the audience will get the intended pleasure from viewing the product.