This is an image of me and my partner’s plan of how our website is going to be the layout of the website, to create this we decided to use a hand-drawn diagram. To start off our plan we began with a homepage, which we decided would include a news section, a navigation bar and a hero shot. The next page that we decided to have was a page called VICE, which would include information about the band and who are the band’s members. The third page is discography, this would include songs and albums which the band has produced. The fourth page would be titled Tours, this would state when the band was going on tour and the venues that they were performing at. the final page would be the shop page which is where the band’s audience can buy merchandise and the bands albums. The website would also have high interactivity with the band’s social media links on every page.

We created this so that we had a clear plan of how we were going to make each page of our website. This included topics and features. We did this to allow us to ensure that our product was made efficantly and to the best of our ability