This is the 3rd and final product that we have made is a website to showcase our band. In our website, we included a page about VICE, a page with their discography, a page for their tours, a shop and a contact page.  These are all conventional pages of a media website.

Home Page:

About the band:




Contact Page:

Combining images, text, sound and video. Using ICT to combine multimedia material. The integration of multimedia content.

The use of ICT is well shown, However, there are some font inconsistencies such as the dome of the page titles are in different fonts and some do not connote the conventions of the genre, which could change the audience’s view of our band. There is the integration of multimedia content, images, text, sound and video, but they aren’t used very often.

Page layout/ design supports interaction. A call to action and brand.

The page layout is good and allows for the audience to interact with features. the brand is communicated throughout due to the use of the band name ‘VICE’ being at the top of each page.  There is a well-shown call to action, this is seen through the use of a subscription page on the bottom of each of the pages, and a shop to buy the bands products.

A clear system of navigation

The navigation system is located in the top left of each page and can be used efficiently and effectively. There is however a lack of news section the first page which is not conventional of musical websites.



Create a news section so that the band’s audience can get regular updates on the band’s music and events.

Change the page colouring so that they match and are more suitable for the intended genre.

Create more merch designs to be added to the shop.

Update digipack imagery to the most recent version