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Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

We made a Production Meeting Agenda (PMA), to ensure that the model new when to arrive at the shoot location, what to bring how to look and to confirm who was bringing what to the shoot, and so that we could agree on a time and a location.


We created a risk assessment to ensure that we did not have any problems with safety and that our chosen area of filming did not have any hazards that we had not prepared for.


Contact Sheets

On Wednesday 25th, September we did a shoot for our digipack cover and back draft 1, for this shoot we had the idea to have a fallen angel, due to it being an icon that is the opposite of the album name ‘Euphoria’.

Mission Statement

We have designed a mission statement for our musician  digipack, this mission statement was designed to entice and

Mission Statement:

VICE embodies the genre of alternative rock. They are a quirky but intense band and strive to share their music with the world. Their new album ‘Fixation’ features their new hit single Black Sheep which topped charts throughout the 2019, and would be perfect for fans of the band Metric and Nirvana. This all girl band will change your reality with their psychedelic beats and liberate you from everything you think you know. VICE will be marketed through social media like twitter and Instagram, and through the use of radio advertisement.

Production Skills Evaluation 2


For our narrative, we used editing to bind together clips that where filmed at separate times, editing was also used to splice up clips that where too long and there would not fit into the sequence of events. Editing is important because it allowed us to create a story for our narrative, whilst still having a performance section.


In Adobe Premiere Pro, there are a range of tools that can be utilized to help us make the most suitable music video for the chosen genre of ‘Alternative Rock’. The toolbar holds tools like the splice tool, the select tool and the text tool. The splice tool is used to cut up and separate clips so that they can be synced.



Production Skills Evaluation 1

Transition Effects

Transition effects were used to ensure that our clips, had a fluidity to them. These effects suit the genre of Alternative Rock because the ghosting effect allows the audience to perceive that time has passed, and that story developments have occurred.


Colouring, we used colouring to fix lighting issues which occurred due to the fact that we used yellow stage lights on our shoot. This needed fixed because it caused our models to have yellow glow, whcih is not suitable for our chosen genre

Music Video Draft 3

Whats Changed :

We added more transitional effects (The ghosting between shots)

We changed some of the lighting on the needed shots

We also got rid of the blurry shots

We stabilized the movement shots

We shorted the shots that where too long.



Try and have a more even split between narrative and performance

Make sure that the video and song are perfectly synced

Maybe include more narrative

Tone down some of the lighting.



Feedback from teacher


For this task, our teacher watched our music video draft 2 and provided detailed feedback

Feedback Summary

The fading transitions are well used

The tracking shots at the start of the music video are used well

There are still blurry shots that need to be fixed.

She liked the shot of the petals falling on the doll.

S/some of the shots need to be slowed down.



Shoot evaluation (Narrative)

This is a shoot evaluation for our narrative shoot, we recorded this in the school’s drama studio, we decided to record in this space due to the fact that it had a plain black background the helped to provide the correct connotations of our genre alternative rock. We also used props such as cardboard boxes and travel cases to showcase our intended storyline. To ensure that we had to time to record our shoots, we collected our props and equipment beforehand during our lunch. This enabled us to get the perfect shots for what we were trying to connote.



We got a wide range of shots and angles

We followed our narratives continuity

Our model had good mise-en-scene

The location of the shoot suited our video perfectly



We took too long to get started, this was due to the fact that we did not have a clear plan of what we wanted our narrative shoot to include and what it was to convey.

The box that we used was broken and needed constant repair



Narrative Storyboard

We did this to help showcase our plan for our narrative and to make sure that what we had a narrative that followed the conventions of our genre and showcased the correct mise-en-scene. It also helped us to maintain the narrative storyline.

On the day of our narrative shoot we decided to make a more in-depth version of our storyboard, this helped us to ensure that we stuck to our narrative.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is my groups second draft of our music video for the song Black Sheep by Metric (Clash At Demonhead Version)

In this draft, we included footage from our narrative shoot as well as footage from our performance. The narrative is about a girl who is changing over time from innocents to a dark and powerful figure. We showcased this by having our model step into a box, and stay there for a few shots to show her transformation.

Targets For Improvement:

  • Some of the close-ups used are blurry
  • The lighting used in the video is inconsistent
  • We need to stabilize some of the shots as they are very shakey

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