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So how did it go?

I have completed component one of A-level media, in which I designed a magazine known as ‘LO-FI’.  ‘LO-FI’ is a rap magazine which was predominantly based on the subgenre of Cloud Rap. To make the magazine I used my own editing and research.

During the research of my genre, I learnt about the importance of audience psychographics and demographics. Psychographics are audiences attitudes and interests. Whilst audience demographics are the socioeconomic characteristics of the audience, some examples would be age, sex, income and occupation. It is important to find out your audiences psychographics and demographics because it means that you can understand the needs of your audience.

I also learnt some editing skills from the use of a software called  Adobe Photoshop.  One of which was how to use the smudge tool, this tool allowed me to cover up parts of my images that I did not want to be seen on my final product. This resulted in my magazine having a more professional look.

Whilst in component one I have learnt a range of transferable, creative and technical skills. These skills will help me a lot in the future, I would not have been able to learn these skills if I had not taken Media Studies.

I have enjoyed component one, because it has been and because it has enabled me to add skills to my skillset. I cannot wait to see what the next component of this course has in store for me. Hopefully, it will be as educational and enjoyable as the last.

So…How is it going?

I believe my magazine represents my chosen genre rap, my magazine has a constant theme throughout. This theme connotes the conventions of my genre by using a bold font. In my magazine, I have tried to use as much relevant data as possible by researching my chosen music genre to find related news that I could include in my Front cover and magazine.

My brand is reflected clearly in my use of image because I used a range of mise-en-scene techniques such as costume & makeup and lighting. An example of this is my front cover star.

The transferable skills that I have learnt are:



time management




Design skills 2

For my double page spread, I used a range of skills to improve the quality of my drafts.

These skills helped to make my DPS look more conventional of the genre because the writing on the stone was not conventional of the genre, and using the photoshop technique. I was able to remove the writing.

On the attached slide is a summary of all the skills that were used in the drafts of my double page spread.

Design skills 1

In my contents page, I have used skills in photoshop to improve my drafts of my contents page. In the attached slide I have labelled an important tool that I used in the design of my contents.

So I’m ready to photograph my star

Over the past few weeks in class, we have studied how to correctly use mise-en-scene and camera to connotes your branding ideas, in preparation for this photoshoot. Here are the techniques that I will use:


A Range of Camera angles, I will use a range of camera angles in my photoshoot to connote the aspects of the rap genre

A range of camera shots,  I will use a range of camera shots in my photoshoot, I will do this to convey a range of emotions on to the audience. An example of this would be a mid-shot to connote to the emotions consistent with the rap genre.


Costume and makeup,  I will use costume and makeup in my Photoshoot to convey to my target audience emotion and the aspects of my chosen genre rap.

Lighting, I will use lighting in my shoot to show my target audience the aspects of the rap genre that I have included in my photographs, I will also use lighting to convey my model’s emotion to my audience.


So….I’m ready to make some media

By completing my previous task of making a world tour poster, I now understand that there is a range of skills that I must incorporate into my own music magazine. from doing research in previous lessons I have learned that there are some key things that my target audience look for in a magazine.

Some of the things I have to think about are:

The Colour scheme for my magazine cover. Does it suit the genre? Do the colours compliment each other? Do the colours blend in with my magazines cover star?

Font Style and Colour. Does it suit the genre? Does it stand out?

My Cover Star. Does my cover star represent the intended genre? is the cover stars costume suitable for the genre?



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