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Draft 6


In light of this feedback, I have set myself four targets:

Make my masthead larger, so that it is easier to read and stands out more.

Add in more two more titles to the contents page, for more variety.

Make sure that the fonts of the page numbers are the same.

Link the caption quote on the contents page to the image.



I have selected two adverts that I will use to fill pages in my magazine. I chose these adverts because they fit in with my target audience for my magazine ( Males and Females aged 16-28).

The adverts are suitable for my magazine because they fit the conventions of my chosen genre rap;

The watch advert suits my chosen genre because it conveys confidence and arrogance on the reader. It also has an enticing slogan “Land of the stupid, Home of the brave”, by saying that its the home of the brave it makes the product sound godly.

The A$ap rocky tour advert suits my genre because it is conveying a sense of power and anger onto the audience. The use of the black and white static effect helps to create an ominous atmosphere, it also helps to captivate the audience’s attention.




Article Draft

This is the Brother-Sister rappers Yung jag and LTT Queen, 10 rules for life to which they follow every day to ensure that they live their lives the right way.


1 Look Forward Not Back

Life’s a constant adventure so don’t look back at the previous ones, always look to the future ones. “Don’t reminisce on the bliss, whilst you live in the abyss”. Stay focused on the future even if it’s looking bleak;

looking back at the times of old will only make you sad.


2 Take One step at a time

When doing anything in life take one step at a time. You’ll never get anywhere trying to miss steps, it will only cause you problems in the future. Taking a step at a time ensures that in the future, problems do not grow out of previous problems. Taking one step a time will ensure your progression in tasks and life. This is the most important rule in the world of music, if you miss a single step or beat the song is ruined. That’s why we take so long to release music, especially because were perfectionists when it come to music.


3 Trust Only Those Who Trust You

Trust is as easily broken as it is easily said, there has been many a time where we have trusted someone and they have betrayed that trust. So over the years don’t open up to someone unless they open up to you as well, there is no point spilling secrets to someone for them to be released to the world the next day.


4 Money doesn’t dictate you

Your financial status is just a number, it doesn’t define who you are as an individual. Life is yours, money is just an accessory, not a necessity. Think of it as an easily ignored formality, don’t think of money as an impediment. We were making tracks when we had nothing but a flip phone and a mate who could beat-box, music has no need for money, you can find it anywhere; so find your music.


5 Think Before You Act

With every action, there is a consequence. It is important to preface an action with a thought on the repercussions. This is especially important in today’s day and age because, “You are responsible for everything you tweet and retweet.” Everything you say on the internet is permanent, so watch your words.


6 Keep Your Integrity

Integrity is the most important feature you can have it is important that you keep it. The moment you lose your integrity is the moment you lose trust, and when you lose trust you lose people you care about. There is nothing worse than being alone with no one around.


7 You don’t have to be normal

Life is a selection of paths, on one path is individuality and on the other is everyone else or the “Norm”. Your life is yours, not everyone else’s and you shouldn’t be defined by someone else.  Dress how you want, think how you want, listen to what you want, love what you want. Choose YOUR path.


8 Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you

Don’t allow yourself to be fazed by fans unkind words, they do not matter in your life. “Words can only hurt you if you try to read them”. To those that say unkind words do not entertain them with your presence that is a gift that they do not deserve. In the studio words provide are powerful weapons that’s what we utilise to spread words of truth and wisdom and never hurt.  


9 Family is everything

Everything we do, everywhere we go we are constantly representing our families. That’s why it is imperative that you love and care for your families, never forget where you came from. They helped make you into the person you are without them and them without you.


10 Don’t be afraid to lead

Everyday we lead the studio it is my space to produce our music no-one else’s. It is important that you take the lead of your space, your work and your life. we don’t allow ourselves to be a pushover, what we say happens, no matter the protests from the people around us.

Draft 5

Click on image for better quality


Click on image for better quality

Click on image for better quality

In light of the feedback, some targets that I have set myself are:

I need to change the background gradient on my contents page and DPS.

I either need to change the opacity of the numbers behind my text on the DPS so they are more transparent or move the numbers from behind the text.

Fix the spelling mistakes in my article.

Maybe make the edges rounder on my contents page the main image.

Article Peer Feedback and targets for development

This is someone reading my article out loud. overall I am pleased with how it sounded. there was only a couple of grammar and structuring mistakes, and the language I used was well suited for my genre.

Targets for development:

change the paragraph order

paragraph ten  to be fixed

fix grammatical errors






Article Idea Development

below the attached file is the plan for my double page spread article.  

Language Analysis

The Article

The article that I have chosen to analyse is about Wyclef Jean, The article is from the magazine called Q. In the article Wyclef Jean Tells the reader his 10 rules for life, giving in-depth explanations about why these rules are important.


The article is structured in paragraphed columns. At the start of each paragraph is a number this number corresponds to what number of rules has been said, next to this is the header which is the rule. Underneath this is the brief description of what this rule means and why it holds importance.

Presence of journalist 

the journal list has no presence in the article his job is to only listen and divulge what the rapper is saying to us. The impact of not being able to tell that the journalist is there gives the reader immersion, it makes them think that they are the ones being told this information.  The article is written in the 1st person, this is to give the audience a sense of inclusion and like they are the ones talking Wyclef Jean.

Language and Aim

The language used in the article, causes the reader to get the impression that they are being instructed, to follow what Wyclef Jean is saying.   The tone of the writing is very compliant with the genre of the article,  this is because it is very instructive. In the article, the writer uses a range of similes to describe the relevancy of the rules.

The writer uses quotes in the article, “In 10,000 years will people still like this song?”, the writer uses this quote to show the reader the thought process behind all of Wyclef Jeans work.

Representation Of the Performer

In the article, the performer Wyclef Jean is represented as a life guru. The writer is conveying this on the audience by writing the first person this has the effect, that he is giving you advice on healthy living.



Draft 4 Feedback and Targets


Summary of targets:

Front cover

  • masthead may need changed
  • move over the cover lines closer to the bleed
  • move the cover lines down a bit
  • stretch main cover star left and right a bit
  • move bar-code over to the edge
  • remove or change the limited edition


  • More info needed on image star
  • reference the quote speaker
  • headlines need to be centered and positioned correctly
  • make model bigger
  • change/update typeface


  • change page number position
  • put masthead somewhere on page
  • maybe put more information in
  • insert is to similar to main photo
  • Maybe change Page title font

Double Page Spread Draft 2

Click on it for clearer image

What has changed:

  • I added a stand first paragraph
  • I curved the writing around my stars
  • I added an extra image
  • I added 2 quotes
  • Lowered title font




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