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Article Idea Development

below the attached file is the plan for my double page spread article.  

Language Analysis

The Article

The article that I have chosen to analyse is about Wyclef Jean, The article is from the magazine called Q. In the article Wyclef Jean Tells the reader his 10 rules for life, giving in-depth explanations about why these rules are important.


The article is structured in paragraphed columns. At the start of each paragraph is a number this number corresponds to what number of rules has been said, next to this is the header which is the rule. Underneath this is the brief description of what this rule means and why it holds importance.

Presence of journalist 

the journal list has no presence in the article his job is to only listen and divulge what the rapper is saying to us. The impact of not being able to tell that the journalist is there gives the reader immersion, it makes them think that they are the ones being told this information.  The article is written in the 1st person, this is to give the audience a sense of inclusion and like they are the ones talking Wyclef Jean.

Language and Aim

The language used in the article, causes the reader to get the impression that they are being instructed, to follow what Wyclef Jean is saying.   The tone of the writing is very compliant with the genre of the article,  this is because it is very instructive. In the article, the writer uses a range of similes to describe the relevancy of the rules.

The writer uses quotes in the article, “In 10,000 years will people still like this song?”, the writer uses this quote to show the reader the thought process behind all of Wyclef Jeans work.

Representation Of the Performer

In the article, the performer Wyclef Jean is represented as a life guru. The writer is conveying this on the audience by writing the first person this has the effect, that he is giving you advice on healthy living.



Draft 4 Feedback and Targets


Summary of targets:

Front cover

  • masthead may need changed
  • move over the cover lines closer to the bleed
  • move the cover lines down a bit
  • stretch main cover star left and right a bit
  • move bar-code over to the edge
  • remove or change the limited edition


  • More info needed on image star
  • reference the quote speaker
  • headlines need to be centered and positioned correctly
  • make model bigger
  • change/update typeface


  • change page number position
  • put masthead somewhere on page
  • maybe put more information in
  • insert is to similar to main photo
  • Maybe change Page title font

Double Page Spread Draft 2

Click on it for clearer image

What has changed:

  • I added a stand first paragraph
  • I curved the writing around my stars
  • I added an extra image
  • I added 2 quotes
  • Lowered title font



So…How is it going?

I believe my magazine represents my chosen genre rap, my magazine has a constant theme throughout. This theme connotes the conventions of my genre by using a bold font. In my magazine, I have tried to use as much relevant data as possible by researching my chosen music genre to find related news that I could include in my Front cover and magazine.

My brand is reflected clearly in my use of image because I used a range of mise-en-scene techniques such as costume & makeup and lighting. An example of this is my front cover star.

The transferable skills that I have learnt are:



time management




Design skills 2

For my double page spread, I used a range of skills to improve the quality of my drafts.

These skills helped to make my DPS look more conventional of the genre because the writing on the stone was not conventional of the genre, and using the photoshop technique. I was able to remove the writing.

On the attached slide is a summary of all the skills that were used in the drafts of my double page spread.

Design skills 1

In my contents page, I have used skills in photoshop to improve my drafts of my contents page. In the attached slide I have labelled an important tool that I used in the design of my contents.

Targets for development


  • Page numbers
  • Byline – who wrote it
  • Whos the photography by?
  • Make room for a standfirst paragraph – usually in a slightly bigger or bolder font size to kick start the article
  • Drop capitals for the main first paragraph
  • Have room in the copy for a quote or two?
  • Smaller font for copy and paragraphs

Peer Review

Are the media forms present that are conventional for a DPS – byline, stand first, columns text, page numbers, drop capitals, headline

The DPS does have some layout features which is common for a dps but unfortunately not all of the features which you would expect to find are there. For example, there is no page number. Apart from those small errors, the layout is really good and a really good photo as well .

Is the layout considering where the fold will be in the DPS?

The layout of the dps is not appropriate for the dps. The title is blocked buy the crease which will be in the magazine which will mean that the reader cant read all of the title.Although, the page image is appropriate for the dps because it takes up all of the left page which will be able to be seen buy the reader.

  • Does the image create enough visual intrigue for the reader to stop turning the page and read more?

Yes, as a reader , I feel that there is some interest when I see the photo. The picture tells a story which makes me want to read the magazine.

  • Does the language and register in the headline create enough interest for the reader to commit to reading the copy?

I don’t feel that the headline interests me enough for me to want to read the magazine article. I feel that this something which the designer could work on.

I feel that there are a few things which the designer cold improve on such as:

  • to change the headline so it becomes more intriguing
  • To break up the paragraphs to make them easier to read
  • To include some quotes in the paragraph to help them break up the text
  • to add a page number
  • maybe to move the image to the left so it allows more writing


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