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Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of web design application

During the task of building a website, using the website WIX  for our band ‘VICE’, I have learnt to use a range of interactive website and design features that have improved my end product. Some examples would be:

Button creation/Hyperlinking

This is an interactive feature, which has enabled me to create a working navigation system that takes you to a different website to allow you to get more information or take you to a site that is needed for a product purchase.

I learnt how to add different elements to my website, This allows me to add texts, images videos and shapes to a page. This, in turn, makes it possible for me to adhere to certain conventions of my genre.

These techniques allowed me to improve my product so that it was more conventional of my genre. By doing this it will maximise audience attraction which means that the band will have a higher sales rate of their merch, albums and singles.

Production Skills Evaluation 3 – DP

The skills that I learnt during the digipack task allowed me to have a high-class product that suited my intended genre of Alternative rock, the skills that I learnt where how to blend images into the background and how to use the puppet warp feature to bend images and add a curve to them.

I used the skill of blending images into backgrounds for the digipacks 2nd middle page in which I used an image of glowing feathers blended into my background. This feature is important to the middle panel because it makes the imagery more mystifying, which is one of the conventions of the Alternative rock genre.

I used the puppet warp feature to add a curve to an image of a feather that was is on the back page of my digipack. This feature was important because it allowed me to change the feathers direction and fix a problem with spacing. This allowed my groups back cover to have a more sleek and professional look.

By using these features, it has allowed my product to look sleek, professional and connote the conventions of my genre Alternative Rock. This is an important thing for my product to connote becuase it will improve my products audience attraction and satisfaction.

Production Skills Evaluation 2


For our narrative, we used editing to bind together clips that where filmed at separate times, editing was also used to splice up clips that where too long and there would not fit into the sequence of events. Editing is important because it allowed us to create a story for our narrative, whilst still having a performance section.


In Adobe Premiere Pro, there are a range of tools that can be utilized to help us make the most suitable music video for the chosen genre of ‘Alternative Rock’. The toolbar holds tools like the splice tool, the select tool and the text tool. The splice tool is used to cut up and separate clips so that they can be synced.



Production Skills Evaluation 1

Transition Effects

Transition effects were used to ensure that our clips, had a fluidity to them. These effects suit the genre of Alternative Rock because the ghosting effect allows the audience to perceive that time has passed, and that story developments have occurred.


Colouring, we used colouring to fix lighting issues which occurred due to the fact that we used yellow stage lights on our shoot. This needed fixed because it caused our models to have yellow glow, whcih is not suitable for our chosen genre

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