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Digipack Draft 3 + Audience Tally

This is the 3rd draft of our digipack entitled ‘Euphoria’ by the band ‘VICE’. The changes we made were changing the fonts on the front cover and where to remove the black text-shadow from behind ‘Euphoria’. On the 1st middle pane, we added a purple tint to the feathers to help to make it look more like the wings on the cover. For the second middle pane, we added a purple tint to the background and the feathers to make them glow to purple and cause similarities to the cover. On the back page, we added a curve to the feather to make it look more natural and to fill spacing problems on the page.

Peer Feedback:

Summary of Feedback and Targets for improvement:

  • The moon and wings provide interesting connotations.
  • The colours used suit the genre well.
  • The glowing wings are a great feature.
  • Proper use of space, it is very aesthetically pleasing.
  • The colours of the letter could be organised into a specific order.
  • Nice abstract themes used.
  • The imagery used on the 1st middle page should match the second more.
  • The front and back panels are too different from the middle ones.
  • Good colour gradient.
  • Photoshopping on the 2nd inside panel needs to be improved.
  • The background needs to be bluer on the 1st middle panel.
  • Good font choice.
  • The moon and text are layered well.



Audience Tally:

Tally Results:

Genre Tally:

  •  Metal – 0
  •  Pop – 0
  •  R&B -0
  •  Rap – 0
  •  Punk – 0
  •  Alternative Rock -8
  •  D&B- 0
  • Country- 0
  •  Indie- 0
  •  Classical- 0

Adjective Tally:

  • Rebellious – 5
  • Quirky -1
  • Vibrant – 0
  • Bleak – 0
  • Joyful – 0
  • Barren – 0
  • Bright – 0
  • Mysterious – 6
  • Ethereal – 4



By doing this it allows us to understand our audiences perceptions of our media product, so that we can ensure that the intended effect is happening to the audience . We used genre conventions to encode perceptions of darkness and pain into our product. This was so that the audience perceived the album as a powerful message.


digipack draft 2

This is my group second draft for the digipack, using the feedback received from the first draft we made changes to our digipack. The first thing we changed was the font of the front cover as we felt it was too girly and didn’t show our intent of having a sense edginess to the cover. We also did this change because it made it hard to tell what was the band’s name and what was the album name. For the first middle page, we decided to add a feathery background, with a navy tint in an attempt to relate it to this front cover. On the second middle page, we decided to have a blended image of the feathers onto the background to allow the starry background to show through. We also added two glowing feathers to outline the position in which the CD would be. Lastly, on the back pane, we added to spines with the albums name ‘Euphoria’.  We also used moved the text to follow the edge of the feather, to make the design more aesthetically pleasing.






Targets for development:

  • The font of the band name needs to be changed on the front page.
  • Try and remove the black outline around ‘euphoria’ to see if it looks better.
  • Experiment with moving ‘VICE’ bellow ‘Euphoria’ on the front cover.
  • Front and back panes are too different from the middle panes, edit the colour and or the number of stars in the background on the middle panes.
  • Edit or remove the moon.

By amending these targets, my product will have a more professional look, which will improve audience attraction to the product. It also complies with the needed conventions that ensure that the audience will get the intended pleasure from viewing the product.


digipack Draft 1

These are my groups first draft of our digipack, front and back cover.  The dark wings represent a fallen angel (meaning an angel that has turned dark/ to the side of evil). We have decided to use this imagery because it is the complete opposite of our album name Euphoria, by doing this we are following the conventions of our chosen genre of Alternative Rock. Which is all about combating the norm.

The use of camera and Photoshop to take & manipulate engaging images.

We used a camera to take pictures of a pair of black wings to create the image. We used a white background in our photos to ensure that the colours didn’t clash when we tried to cut out the wings. Photoshop was used to create the starry night effect on both the front cover and the back cover. We also used it on the front cover to apply a purple filter to the wings and to add an outer glow to them.

The selection of mise-en-scene in the photos and the meaning it communicates.

The photo of the wings was used to convey happiness/pain, this is due to the fact of them being dark/black. These colours are commonly associated pain, death and evil, this is directly in conflict with the image of the wings which represent hope, life and good

The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and  use colour/typefaces

We used DTP to choose a typeface that conveyed the conventions of our chosen genre, it was also used during the texts integration by allowing us to apply a drop shadow to our text. This gives the effect of light to dark which conveys to the audience the implications of good vs evil.

Evaluation of Shoot & Graphic Design


During our digipack shoot, we were able to take all of the needed photos to use in our digipack as well as a couple spares in case they where needed. Our main focus for the shoot was to get images of black angel wings which were provided by my partner Eve. This was our main focus because they were part of our plan to incorporate more of our genre Alternative Rock into our digipack. Although this was our main plan we decided to take some photos of a model wearing these wings incase of our main plan falling through.

To ensure that we had a wide range of images, we positioned our model into many stances whilst wearing the wings. We also had her wearing multiple costumes, some in bright colours such as white and others in dark colours, such as black. during the shoot, we realised that the wings we were using where to small and would have to be edited to be bigger and attached to our model in photoshop, so we took some photos of our model without her wearing the wings so that this was possible.


whilst looking back at the images that we had taken we realised that we should have set-up flash photography instead of having a constant light on in the studio, because of this some of our photos were ruined by bad lighting.

These are the best photos from the shoot:

Graphic Design:

To incorporate graphic design into our product we decided to create a starry night background, we did this to connote a mystical effect onto the audience of our product. We also decided to create a moon with our background to add to the intended effect.

These graphics were created through these of step by step tutorials that we located on youtube. these tutorials helped us because they only gave us basic direction so that we were allowed to put our own creative spin on our graphics.


Graphics and illustrations

To help us create a mystical looking background for our digipack, we decided to go for a starry night sky, due to its conventionality of the imagery to our genre of Alternative Rock. Although this did cause problems as the camera equipment we had could not take an image of the desired quality, so therefore we decided to create the image in photoshop using a tutorial.

This tutorial was a simple step by step that allowed us to create the desired background with our own custom colours. This was helpful because it meant that we could style the night sky to better fit the conventions of our genre. The final product that we ended up with looked like this.

We also decided to create a moon in photoshop to add to our starry night background. We chose to create this image instead of using our own photo because it would be too hard to take a good enough quality image of the moon, For our design, we decided to go with a half-moon crescent because it connotes to the audience a more mystifying mood than a full moon. Our end design looked like this.

Contact Sheets

On Wednesday 25th, September we did a shoot for our digipack front cover and back cover draft 1, for this shoot we had the idea to have a fallen angel, due to it being an icon that is the opposite of the album name ‘Euphoria’. We chose this idea because of its rebellious connotations, which made it well suited for our genre of Alternative Rock.

During this shoot, we used constant lighting which made the lighting in some of the images dull and dark, to avoid this next time we will use flash photography to ensure that the photos are taken in the best quality.

We plan to incorporate an image of the wings into out digipack by editing it to make then wings bigger and have more of a purple mystical tint to them. We want this because we believe it’ll help them to imply a sense of power and rebellion onto the target audience .

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

These are my Production meeting agenda and risk assessment for my digipack shoot. The main focus for the shoot was to get images of a set of black angel wings or a model wearing a set of black angel wings so that we can use them in our digipack front cover. The location for the shot was the white studio in lesson 5&6 on a Wednesday afternoon. We chose to shoot in the white studio because it had a better contrast to our colour scheme this had the extra effect of enabling us to cut out the images easier when later inputted into photoshop. Another bonus of using the white studio for our shoot was the needed equipment was stored a short distance away, so transport was not a worry.

We made a Production Meeting Agenda (PMA), to ensure that the model-new when to arrive at the shoot location, what to bring how to look and to confirm who was bringing what to the shoot, and so that we could agree on a time and a location.


We created a risk assessment to ensure that we did not have any problems with safety and that our chosen area of filming did not have any hazards that we had not prepared for.


Digipack Collage And Hand Drawn Mock Up

We made a collage and a hand-drawn mock-up that was created for our digipack. We made our collage following a colour theme of pinks, blues and oranges. We used pieces of paper and the idea of having the night sky looking over a mountain scenery with the sun and moon in tow. We did this to convey to the audience an air of fantasy and cosmic ideas.

After creating our collage, we made the decision to move forward with the idea of using a starry night background and the use of the sun and moon. We also decided to move forward with the idea of having a mountain range background.

Next, we made a mock-up version of our digipacks in which we included the decided themes, from the collage task. The First design of our front cover incorporates the idea of having a mountain range and a moon to showcase the ideals of beauty and cosmic. Wings were added to the design to add the theme of ethereal. For our mock-up of the back of our digipack, we decided to move forward with the idea of a feather to match the addition of wings to our mountain. The ripples around the feather are used to show the water hitting a body of water. The 3rd design is another idea that we had for our digipacks front cover in which it depicts a fallen angel surrounded by a starry night background.

We plan to produce these by using our own photography and will be edited on photoshop to create effects such as the mountain having wings.

Digipak Moodboards

This Moodboard was created to help me understand the conventions of fonts and albums that are apart of my genre Alternative Rock. This allowed me to get inspiration for the colour scheme and type of imagery that I will use in my product. It is important for my product to follow the conventions of the alternative rock genre, becuase if i dont the product will not attract the right audience.

Made with Padlet

Our Mission Statement

It is important for us to come up with a mission statement because we need to have a clear understanding of our branding and product aims. We learnt that a mission statement should give a clear understanding of what makes that band unique. It also needs to say how their goals will be achieved and what we want our intended audience to think, it must state what our star image is. When thinking about how to reach our target audience to make us more successful we must think about integrated advertising. Meaning that we must combine lots of different types of advertising into one big ide to enable our consumer to have a better quality experience. We have designed a mission statement for our musician digipack, this mission statement was designed to entice the band’s target audience and shares the band’s values to their audience. These features enable the band to send a clearer message to the target audience and therefore help their brand.

Mission Statement:

VICE embodies the genre of alternative rock. They are a quirky but intense band and strive to share their music with the world. Their new album ‘Euphoria’ features their new hit single Black Sheep which topped charts throughout 2019, and would be perfect for fans of the band Metric and Nirvana. This all-girl band will change your reality with their psychedelic beats and liberate you from everything you think you know. VICE will be marketed through social media like Twitter and Instagram, and through the use of radio advertisement.


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