So… Hello Media Studies!

Before starting media studies I couldn’t decode images or even create my own blog! I could only do the basics of saying what a font looked like and what different colours reminded me of. With these additional skills producing my own magazine cover will be so much easier, everything about my magazine cover will be there for a reason as it is important to use signs and symbols correctly to convey the right message and to catch the eyes of the reader and to use relevant images that stand out, I will need to use different transferable and technical skills such as; designing, presentation, computer skills, desktop publishing and directing skills.

My main goal is to create an attractive and successful magazine that has interesting uses is colour, font and imagery that is fitting to my target audience and stands out to attract the attention of possible consumers. Some technical skills that I can use are; photoshop, camera work and the scissor tool.

Creating this blog will help me with my literacy skills, which will enable me to not only have a bold cover but to also have interesting and entertaining texts for the readers to enjoy but to also have the style of writing that fits in with my magazines theme. Transferable skills that I will need to incorporate are; perseverance, organisation, creativity and research skills.

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