My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

This first image is our draft representation outfit for a folk/bohemian musician. The look we decided to try and create was a very relaxed style, we did this by dressing our model in a long flowing, floral dress with big beads, a big scarf/shawl and big sunglasses. We used natural looking accessories to portray our model as care free and to give off a good natural vibe to our audience. The model was described as “carefree”, “relaxed” and “earthy” which is the feedback we were hoping for as it reinforced our idea of trying to look “bohemian”.

The next image is our moodboard. Our moodboard is made up of images that we feel best represent the female folk musician genre as the models all look very down to earth and care free. In The images we chose all of the models are wearing bold, miss-matching patterns and very loose dresses or skirts, this helps indicate what type of clothing we should be looking to dress our model in in order to create the perfect indie/folk vibe. Another key element in these images is the high key/natural lighting used as it conveys the idea of warmth and earthiness.

This image below is our contact sheet which shows every picture taken of the model in the outfit we chose for her to wear. We have annotated the images to explain what is positive about the pictures and to point out the negatives to help us improve our images next time. As you can see, some of the images taken are overexposed and the model looks washed out and unclear whereas some are also too dark. However, in some images the models position and expression are correctly portraying the free spirited vibe we were hoping to achieve. 

This picture below is our final image that we decided best connoted the image of a folk/indie musician. The position of the model is very open and relaxed with her hand in her hair to convey a natural free spirited image. To add to this we used high-key lighting to make her look brighter and more natural rather than low-key lighting which wouldn’t be fitting to the laid back personality that we were trying to create with this look.



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