My Copy of a Professional Magazine Front Cover

This is my copy of an original NME magazine that I created in indesign.

My 3 strengths doing this were:

  • Changing the text size to match the original
  • Finding a similar font to the original
  • Placing the text in the right places to be the same as the original magazine cover

However my weaknesses were:

  • Importing the image from photoshop into indesign
  • Adding the gradient in the edges to be similar to the original
  • Grasping the basic tools of indesign

Overall I think my use of colour and text matched the original quite well however I could not find a similar image with colour so I had to use a black and white image to keep the two main cover stars the same. I found importing the image and placing it into indesign difficult so I used a video tutorial from youtube to help me figure it out. Finding a similar font was time consuming but it was not difficult it was more to do with wanting it to be as identical as possible.

This video just showed me how to use the basic tools in indesign. I found this useful as I have never used indesign before so it helped me to understand the basic tools and how to use them correctly.

This video showed me how to create a gradient which I needed to do to make my magazine cover as similar to the original as possible.

This video is about importing images into indesign which was useful as I did not know how to do this before.

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